Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three, Two, One...the Final Countdown!

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OK, we are down to the wire here....Paige over at Lenox Knits has had a Spring Celebration HUGE giveaway going and there are only a few days left to enter. Now there's a possibility that many of my blog readers are already hip and savvy to this, that the idea of winning one of 9 different handmade things had them hopping on it from the get go....and then there's also the possibility that you didn't catch it yet. OK, there are reasons for both types to scoot over there right now!

Reason must enter by 4-25, Sunday, for a chance to win! We are in the final countdown! So if you missed it, or have been procrastinating...3, 2, 1, it's over!! Don't let this happen to you!

Reason two...she has posted the story about my work and dare I confess? I put on my best professor hat for a few paragraphs and heck, you just might enjoy it. So let's say you DID check it out earlier...but didn't check back in awhile? Go over and take another peek now!

Folks are often asking me "why do you do what you do? How did you do that? Where do your ideas come from? What inspires you? How do you do your photography? How do you recommend folks start selling their work online?" And so on....well, I did my best, in a brief way, to answer these and more!!

Please check it out! Please leave a comment! Please enter to win--hey, maybe not for you, but to give as a gift or?? She's offering over $200 in prizes and 9 different chances to win, so I'm sure many folks will get lucky including someone who gets their choice of one of my silk and pearl pieces worth $20 (plus shipping, of course!)

So here's the Earth Day perspective on's usually very earth friendly including re-purposed materials, a counter balance to factory made stuff, and often done by artists and artisans who live and work in conscientious and conservation oriented ways. Speaking for myself, caring for a fairly large acreage here, recycling almost everything we can, and paying close attention to our energy use are just a few of the things that define the WillOaks Studio, WillOaks Farm and WillOaks Campground.

And I know that chances are quite good that even if you don't make things by hand, you have made many ecologically oriented new choices in your life and life-style. Handmade is definitely worth supporting, and with this give-away, it's a chance to win a wonderful freebie.....Good luck!!


imelda said...

i am an advocate of green environment at home, too

Hot Rocks said...

Thanks for your suggestions for naming my bracelets! I am going to use your title suggestions "Rock a Bye Baby" and "Rock On".(I previously used "Take another little of piece of my Heart" in another design...although that too would have been perfect!) So if you decide to purchase from me in the future, you will receive 10% off for your efforts...just let me know in advance.

Ann said...

I'm a faithful reader of Paige's blog so I've caught all the posts about the giveaway including yesterdays about you. :) Happy Earth day to you.


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