Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Week, New Theme: Color!

Maybe you saw the glimmer of my new week's theme yesterday, with lots of nice strong clear color? OK, I admit it was accidental, but it got me thinking that after green comes (flowers) lots of color. And it's really the direction so many of my newest pieces have been going.

Now, I've got a new bunch of amazing flowers to share here. I got lucky. Picking up some groceries a couple of days ago, they were unpacking a newly arrived box of bouquets...and I was the first one there.

It was so exciting to watch the guy cut the top of the box open and peel back the cardboard...and packed inside, all ready to pop into the bouquet displays, were at least a dozen new bunches...each prettier than the next.

And such a wonderful variety of blooms, including a lot of varieties known to be long lasting cut flowers. Oh, a few dicey ones were in the bunch. Blossoms I know seem to decay quickly and contaminate the water (which in turn leads to the early demise of the whole bouquet.)

But one thing I did learn from this bouquet, which I hope to keep around and enjoy for awhile, is there are a couple of wonderful chrysanthemum varieties...that I'd love to add to the gardens around here to enjoy next fall!

These bi-color mums, in particular. They really are just stunning!
Happy Monday to everyone!


Anonymous said...

Those flowers are so gorgeous! Why don't the flowers at my store look like that :)

Anonymous said...

That last set of flowers were gorgeous - I can't have flowers in the house because the cats eat them and my husband loves to buy me flowers - I can have cats or I can have flowers - guess the cats win...

Love those earring on the upper right...

askcherlock said...

These photos of flowers are so good, I can almost catch the scent. Spring. Soon it will be Spring. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

Beadwright said...

Great photos. Love all the colors.
I guess I need spring/summer


Glenna Frazier said...

Hi Karen,
Amazing color choices. My youngest daughter would simply love those ear rings.

Ann said...

Whenever we get flowers in at the store I always have to check them out. Those are gorgeous. And those earrings? Love them, the pair on the top right is my favorite. That color is awesome


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