Monday, February 15, 2010

Haiti Needs Us More Than Ever

We cannot let this huge and ongoing tragedy become yesterday's news. The human suffering goes on and on as it was a disaster on top of a travesty. Haiti needs us and our help more than ever.

I'm grateful to see folks like Sean Penn, Bill Clinton and others continue to speak out, to be faces of continuing outreach in the media. I've completed my first 4 weeks of personal fund raising and I'm delighted to report that I managed to raise $97, thanks to support from customers to my shop on Etsy. I've decided, at this time, that Doctors Without Borders will receive my donation. The health and medical needs are still overwhelming. Rebuilding is also needed as the rainy season will begin soon...but many lives are still at risk, the medical doctors and nurses, medical care, seem to be urgent and life-critical right now.

This field report from Dr. Marie-Pierre Allié, president of Médecins Sans Frontières-France gives an update from just a few days ago. The main message is "We are not out of the emergency phase yet."

I'm thinking now about what I can do next....please, do what you can, too!! Thank you so much.


RE Ausetkmt said...

good for you Karen. I've been blogging about Haiti once a week still so that people don't forget.

it's amazing to see just how much money is being squeezed from the donations by the cellphone carriers and the credit card co's. you are smart to donate to Medicines Sans Frontiers.

they are a wonderful life saving organization, committed for the longrun in Haiti and other impoverished nations globally.

askcherlock said...

What wonderful steps you are taking to keep these issues in the fore. We cannot forget Haiti. It will take years for them to even attempt recovery. And I am a strong believer in Doctors Without Borders. They are inspiring servants for those in desperate need. Kudos to you, Karen.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's incredible what you were able to raise so quickly from just 10% of your gorgeous necklaces. I'm so in awe of all of those giving of themselves to help as well, and it's amazing to think what separates us and our loved ones from something like that.


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