Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Special Chains & A Mirrored Treasury

I'm still having a great time exploring my "new design." Two recent examples break out of the more round or rondelle shaped beads and take different shapes into "center stage."

The overall effect of this slightly translucent stone called "hematite" is of a medium light gray. Up close, it's rich with delicate inclusions in a rainbow of colors. Since this stone is found in the vicinity of iron ore, various oxides create these marvelous, natural marks and colors. The cut of these stones is referred to as "lentils" as they are perfectly circular and quite flat, then have been drilled diagonally such that they overlap their neighbors and together, lay very nicely even if they aren't laying flat. It really is an unusual cut that isn't seen very often and I had a heck of a time figuring out how to use and showcase them....until now!

"Goldstone" is an entirely man made stone. I'm not really clear how exactly "stones" are manufactured but can only imagine that some tremendous heat and pressure must be used, as this is how the earth makes stones. This is a blue goldstone and is a richly dark, navy blue with wonderful metallic glints within the body of the stone. Definitely a mysterious quality to the color and the light. These teardrop shaped stones have been faceted and 4 mm rounds are used to separate the teardrops, creating a lovely simple pattern of shapes.

Neither of these new pieces is listed quite yet as the photography needed just a bit more work. Hopefully, Friday these will be live in my Etsy shop.

And finally, you may recall I touted a treasury that included my work yesterday? Well, today it was redone in a "mirrored" order and promoted from the back stage to the main pages of Etsy treasuries. Every so often, from this position, if there is enough interest, the collection goes on the become the front page of the Etsy web please, drop in and if you're inclined, leave a comment!! 12 artists and a curator (Ellen, the cat maker) thank you!! The treasury is linked here or through this image. TGIF!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The top necklace - do the stones stay in that position when worn, flat and over-lapped, or do they drop down in a more dangly position?

askcherlock said...

These translucent stones are absolutely beautiful, classic in their simplicity. Great work of art!

Ann said...

I really like the second one with the black stones


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