Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lavender Treasury

Lucky me, in a brand new treasury, again in one of my very favorite colors. Isn't it romantic and fresh? If you are registered with Etsy, please click on the image, drop by and leave a comment--and thanks in advance for your support!

It was curated by Ellen who has a really interesting Etsy shop that all you animal lovers will really like--at least I sure did! Her shop is called CatTingles, she's from the Netherlands, and she creates these wonderfully detailed needle felted have to see them to enjoy them! I want three of them--a portrait of each of my wonderful feline friends....maybe someday or one at a time over time!?? Ellen also had a web site about her precious original cat pieces here.
And a whole page of photos of her finished cat pieces here.

Do take a peek at this one in particular as he's got a very close resemblance to Purrmeister! She's named him Yang and he can be worn as a brooch--a 4" brooch, in fact, which would make quite a fashion statement, don't you think??

That is one of the really fun things about these treasuries. Since they are curated by other artists, shop owners and shoppers on Etsy, you get to meet some really fun people!


Split Rock Ranch said...

Beautiful Treasury - Congrats! Purple is my favorite color so I love this one!!

Duni said...

Congrats! I love lavender - the colour and the plant :)
Re: your question on my blog. I had an EC chicklet (the small widget showing Entrecard popularity) on my blog. That seemed to link to another site (author unknown). I sat there for two hours trying to figure it out when help came in the form of another blogger. Thank goodness for blog friends :)

ArtSnark said...

gorgeous treasury!


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