Friday, December 11, 2009

Wow, Two New Etsy Treasuries (inc. WillOaks Studio)

"Whisper Sweet" features the cool blues and misty greens of beautiful northwestern Washington State. If you've got a minute, click here or on the image and take a closer look at this treasury, then leave a comment for us! One of my pearl necklaces is in the middle of the lower row.

The collection was assembled by Zoie who lives up there in what I must agree is one of the most beautiful parts of the U.S. (I was lucky enough to live up there for a couple of years!) Zoie's shop is Bits and Beads by Gilliauna.

"delights: happy fascination" is inspired by a different ecosystem--the Sonoran Desert. Cara hails from Tucson and chose my bronzy flower earrings to fit her theme. She also enjoys the fauna as you can see here and in her studio, floodplainstudio, on Etsy. Do drop by and visit this treasury and leave a comment, if you've got time and visit Cara's blog, too!

Folks who have read this blog for awhile might remember Cara. I bought one of her mixed media drawings of a robin, just a little while ago and it's a wonderful piece! Plus we both went to the same art school for graduate work (but at different times, so in fact, we met here on the internet.)

And what a cool couple of little milestones for me today--the number 200 hit twice: it's how many pieces I've now sold from my Etsy shop AND it's the number of followers my little blog here now has. That's a pretty cool coincidence, don't you think??

If everything goes right during the next day or two, a few more new pieces are almost finished here in my studio, and I hope to get them photographed and posted soon!! Have a wonderful weekend...and keep warm (which is easier in some parts of the country than in others!)


Anna said...

Wow! Very nice!
By the way, you are first commenter on my ph post today!

Anonymous said...

Two in one day. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I hate to use new-agey type terminology but your work looks so organic - a quick look and you think you are looking at a branch with flower buds on it - it is so striking, and warm feeling...

randomcreative said...

Congrats! That's definitely a lot of excitement. :) Also, FYI, I clicked on both treasuries. :)


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