Thursday, December 10, 2009

Digging Out/Hiding Out - The Conflict

Pretty soon, I'll find some spare time for skiing if the snow stays deep. The top image, the rolling hills wending back into the campground, give a good uphill workout going out and some gentle downhill gliding for the return. Out in back, there's more hills so all together, it's a nice workout! When I lived in Alaska, one big draw was being able to go just a little way out of my house and landing at a city-maintained nordic ski trail. Well, we don't maintain any trails here, but it's truly just out the back door!

But realistically, it's still serious crunch time and today, I didn't care whether or not I could get out of the driveway (had it plowed anyway as the overnight drifting was heavy.) I must be nuts, starting Friday, and then from Monday through next weekend, I'm doing "Showcases" on Etsy nearly every day, just to find my way into somebody's, anybody's, everybody's (??ha ha!??) Christmas stockings in a couple of weeks...It's hard work as many of my designs get made when they are ordered, and just preparing to ship is time consuming, too...but I'm just stating some facts, NOT complaining!! I'm pretty organized and just doing the old "pedal to the metal"-kind of like preparing for, well, any number of big projects I've done with my art over the years.

So today I'm sharing early winter/late fall images from WillOaks Farm and concluding this post with Purrmeister who played so hard, he had to lay down next to his game and take a nap. That goofball is hysterical and truly keeps me grounded at the moment.

Thanks for dropping by!


VanillaSeven said...

Lol, love the last pic. That kitty sleeping so comfortably :)

Ratty said...

With all that snow, Purrmeister has the right idea.

Anonymous said...

The snowy scenes are pretty but that last one - oh my - made my day!

Lenox Knits said...

Gorgeous shots. You make it look so pretty I almost want to be in it, but not really. Good luck with the Christmas sales. So far I've had none on-line but I'm just starting to get my shop back up and running after my shows.

Ann said...

Love those pictures and Purrmeister is so adorable. Poor little thing all wore out :)

Anna said...

Love the picture of a napping Purrmeister! He's so sweet. Great snow-scapes!
Happy Weekend!

ArtSnark said...

love the pics. Hope the showcases work out for you!

I tried it for a week last year but it did nothing for my sales. Course your jewelry is stunning so it'll work out well for you I bet :D


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