Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Long Winter's Night...Keeping Warm

I do keep the house kind of chilly. My dog and cats have decent fur coats and I can dress in layers. But for that need to get extra cozy, I picked up a squishy fabric cube thing for Purrmeister in case he needs to hide for a nap. It's a little odd how he sometimes uses it with his arm poking out like in this photo.

Mariah has discovered it now, too, and when it's empty, she claims it! It's got a sort of fleece material lining the inside and was made just the right size to hold a curled up cat. My older fleece shirts, spread out on various chairs, are another choice napping place. I think Purrmeister just knows how good he looks spread out on a chartreuse background, ha ha!

And you know how there was news about all the weekend weather in Chicago? Well, that snow really piled up out here in Woodstock. Yes, it's plowed now so I can try driving tomorrow...but now, in true winter style, the temps will drop below freezing...way below by Tuesday. You know what this means in an old farmhouse? Frozen pipes. I must remember to be pro-active. For some crazy reason, the hot water pipe to the kitchen sink sometimes freezes when the wind blows just so. I've tried to fix the problem, but it's not reliable so the water must just be left dripping. The joys of winter.....


Anonymous said...

My depth perception and figure/ground perception is so bad that it took me the longest time to figure what the first pic was - I mean I knew it was the kitty but I couldn't tell what part LOL

tkdesigns4u said...

Love your kitty pictures! I think mine has the same snuggly positions! Purrmeister is such a cute name!

My cat has a box fetish, any size box she finds she sits in. She's always thrilled to have her pick after christmas presents have been unwrapped!

Hope you have a better winter than you are having. It's only begun! We'll have to come and dig you out in the spring!!lol!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Awww, he's sooo cute! Stay warm and safe.

Lin said...

Hobbes is permanently in his box in front of the fireplace and Grace by the heat register. You know it is cold when the kitties don't leave the heat source!

I had some old guy grumping about how cold it is today and I just smiled and said "It's winter. What did you expect?" Geesh, he got mad. But really, it's Chicago in's cold. (Don't tell him, but I was cold too. LOL!)

Stay warm, Karen!

Anonymous said...

What a cozy kitty:) I hope you are all staying warm!

Anna said...

What cozy and cute pics!
I think it is colder where you are than where we are in Sweden. Thanks to the Gulf Stream we can live here at the same latitude as Alaska! But it's dark! Glad the winter solstice is behind us now. And snow lightens things up. We had first very fine snow that turned to slush and then ice and then more snow on top. Perfect for slipping and falling and breaking bones!
Please be careful and keep warm, Karen!


askcherlock said...

Such a cute kitty. I wish I was not allergic to them or I would have one. I learned recently that I am allergic to a dog we rescued. I have been to two different doctors, the Vet for grooming products for the dog and am now waiting for test results about my wheezing. I really don't want to give her away. It's a quandary.

Wrap those pipes. It's havoc if they burst. An stay warm!

RNSANE said...

I'm glad to be in a temperate climate like San Francisco. I'm a Georgia hot there in the summers and too cold in the winters, though we rarely ever had snow, it did get to freezing in the winter.

Your kitty clan is adorable!

Nicole said...

such a cute kitty!

don't forget to leave a bowl, or a pot under the dripping tap to save the water. it's obvious to most, but some people just let the perfectly good water drip into nothingness.


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