Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winter Ready Flower Buds

I find these buds to be just fascinating, even a bit miraculous. They are formed during the summer and will go through the entire winter in the state photographed here. And the fact is, they don't just survive stretches of seriously subzero weather--but will open in about March to be large magnolia blossoms. Seems sort of incredible, especially when I think about how delicate those flowers are when opened.

I adore pussy willow buds, and these are a fair substitute and last much, much longer. I'm thinking about how I might try to reinterpret these as wearable art....hmmmmmm? To be continued.....

Meanwhile, yes, the photography continues, too. Boy, I've got a lot of new work here! I must have been "in the zone" because it seems, it all just sort of "happened!" The new widget for my Etsy shop, on the top right sidebar here, scrolls through work now listed in the WillOaks Studio Etsy shop.


askcherlock said...

You are like a whirling dervish! I wish I had your boundless energy. You just did some shows and still manage to do great work here. You are a marvel, and a very creative one at that!

Symphony of Love said...

This is truly beautiful and amazing. Perhaps, it is their state like this that allows them to go through the entire harsh winter. The beauty of nature.

Ann said...

I was thinking when I first saw the picture that they looked like pussy willows. Love the photos
Your widget looks great too


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