Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a Day - Beginning new photos

I'm getting just a little bit ahead here with posting these photos. But not really because I worked to get a lot of new work finished for the past 2 weekend shows, but then ran out of time to take photographs of the new work. But I'm ahead in that I'm posting some of the photos here before I have the full photo spread finished to actually list these pieces in my shops...I should finish and list tomorrow, I hope.

Meanwhile, it was really a gray and gloomy day here, and I only had a couple of hours to get going on this "photo catch up" this morning before I had to hit the road to take care of some things. I was concerned that my existing light might also be a bit gloomy, so I tried moving a big mirror over to my photo area to intercept the window light and throw it back into my set up. It helped some, I think.

I'm really fascinated by how these clear crystal pieces...and there are several different ones still to finish...translate as if they were shot in black and white. There might be some pretty cool design possibilities be continued! And this simple neck piece was designed to be worn from choker style to longer length, where the crystals begin to drape in a lovely "U" shape. There's a jet black version in the works...same shapes and design, very different effect.

I've also been back into making my signature pearl neck pieces, and this new one incorporates a spectrum of "brandy citrine" rondelles which range from deep brandy brown to pale yellow paired with very pale peach tinted natural pearls. I organized the citrine so that the deepest color is in the front ordered to the palest ones in the back. This piece is assembled on knotted, fine leather that I hand dyed in my effort to get more "browns" into my palette. While I do like the "ready made" brown leather that I use quite a bit...these hand dyed leathers do have a little more natural variation, which is also a nice contrast.

Finally, due to the chilly day, I turned around to find Red and Mariah looking just too cute as they cuddled in my big chair...and I love the contrast of the red and black. Kind of seasonal, aren't they?!


Anonymous said...

As usual...your photos are totally stunning!!!! Beautiful pieces! Still tweaking with the photos myself...have been trying for two years now and think I FINALLY am beginning to get it. Photographing jewelry is soooooooo hard!

Lenox Knits said...

Wow. The photo montage of the crystal necklace is breathtaking. I'm impressed that you photograph before taking to a show. I guess I'm lazy I prefer to wait and see what doesn't sell first at my shows and then photograph. I don't think my system is working so well this year since my shop is really dwindling down.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

The crystal necklace is VERY vintage looking...the B&W do them great justice...beautiful...and the felines...well, it's just a's love...:)))

Lin said...

Do all orange stripey kitties come in that Extra large size???! They are adorable together. :)

Duni said...

Before I finished your post, I actually thought you were experimenting with b/w film!
The photos are amazing!
Your cats are adorable - the way they are cuddling together is very yin-yang :)


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