Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Chances to Win from WillOaks Studio!

OK, so you didn't win my gift certificate for naming the new kitty, but there are a couple more opportunities to try for a credit to my shop just in time for the holidays! Granted, like thinking up names for Purrmeister, you need to DO a few things to enter these drawings, but I've got such clever and intelligent readers dropping by here, I know it won't be any burden.

First visit here, the I Heart Handmade prizes page. My $20 credit (gift certificate) is part of Prize Pack 3 - "Be Dazzled" and instructions for how to enter the drawing for any of the prizes are there for you to follow! The drawing will be held 12-12-09 and so far, I think there are only about 4 entries for the package with my credit, so the odds of winning are very good! While you're there, browse all the cool shops--a huge variety--for ways to add some wonderful "Handmade" quality to your Holidays!

Next chance, going live tomorrow night, is a give-away sponsored by Cafe Handmade. This will be a $15 credit (gift certificate), also for either my Etsy or Artfire shops and in this case, you will only have from Monday night to next Sunday to enter. Here's the main page for Cafe Handmade and up at the top of the page is a link for "Giveaways" which will get you to the entry information and links.

And if all this is too much or you don't win any of these prizes...I have one more announcement which might interest some of my readers. From now through 12-15-09, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on purchases from my Artfire shop, a savings of at least $3 per purchase.

AND any purchases made from either of my shops (Artfire or Etsy) get a special coupon worth 10% off the total of the next purchase made by 12-31-09! This coupon could be quite valuable, depending on the piece or pieces selected. So Happy Handmade Shopping for yourself and your loved ones this Holiday season! Beat the box and support American artists and artisans instead this Season! We all really appreciate your business....


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Oh Wow ~ I LOVE anything made with whitisha pearls! Beautiful!!

Ann said...

Beautiful necklace. Lots of chances to win here too. Have a great day :)

zizzybob said...

I left a comment, then I twittered and left a second comment, neither of them are showing on that site.
I really love that necklace.


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