Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doesn't Play Well With Others

An amazing list of names for the new kitty continues to grow, and I'm just thrilled for all this help and input on my naming challenge! I plan to make a concise list of all the names tomorrow, just for easy reading, and hopefully to chose a new name by Monday. All of your help and inspiration for this has been fabulous! Thank you so much...hey, I'm as excited to learn the new name and curious to know what it will be as you all are...ha ha ha!

Red Kitty and Mariah are not happy campers. They are hiding downstairs while the kitten stays right by my feet or on my lap upstairs. Right now, I'm not pushing it at all but will simply move a litter box downstairs to be on the safe side. As the Little Prince once said "Things Take Time."

Make sure you add a name (entry) to my contest by Sunday midnight (CST) 11/22/09 to name the new kitten. There's a real prize here for the winning entry!!

And what a lovely sunset last night! I love the skies this time of year, I mean, if it HAS to get dark so early, at least it's happening in a beautiful way!


Kaz's Cats said...

I like that sunset viewed through the trees - it's very pretty. Glad the little kitten is doing well - it's always a bit stressful for the existing cats when somecat new arrives, so things should get better with time.



Icy BC said...

Beautiful picture of sunset! Yes, it will take time for them to bond, I agree.

Ann said...

The dreaded adjustment period. I remember when Duke first came here. The cat we had at the time was not very happy about it. Hopefully Red and Mariah won't take too long to get used to the new one.
That's a beautiful sunset. Here the only sunset I get to see is through telephone wires. I hate those darn things they look dreadful in a picture. :)

VanillaSeven said...

Simply love the sunset Karen. Beautiful

Ratty said...

I used to be good at naming cats, but I might have lost that talent. My name ideas are always on the obnoxious side though. My sister had a bird that I named Cletus.


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