Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pink and White - Coming and Going

It's just a joyous time of year here when I'm nearly surrounded by blooming flowers! I chose to focus on two mini-themes with these photo collages. The cool serenity of whites (and palest yellow) as they play against rich greens in the anemones, columbine, Salomon's Seal and the final days of the snow drops. I've learned that in our open prairie setting, putting white flowers in shady areas is the only hope for good visual impact because when the sun is shining brightly, white flowers are nearly invisible.

Then there's the passionate versions of pink including almost finished pink tulips (featured in yesterday's posting), two magnificent varieties of amaryllis (Exotic Star and Charisma -- older bulbs that have basically reverted to the seasons of the Northern hemisphere) and finally, peony buds, just beginning to show some color. These will be the next "really big show" in a week or so-usually by the end of May. I think there are about 8 different varieties of peonies scattered around the gardens here, and when they begin to bloom, a whole new "act" will begin! Stay tuned!


Gregorio said...

These are beautiful.I'm not sure of the name,but the pink flower in the second photo,lower left is intense.

WillOaks Studio said...

I'm glad you enjoy it! I also think this amaryllis is just a stunning color and such unusual shading and striations! It's a named variety called "Charisma," and may still be available through John Scheepers bulbs.

ArtSnark said...

Simply lovely!
Couldn't comment the other day for some reason, but sounds like a lot of fun (as well as a lot of work) to run a campgroung. My Aunt & Uncle own 1 in N.H. & I used to help some in the summers. Brings back memories

On a Whimsey said...

Just glorious! Thank you.


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