Monday, May 25, 2009

Allium Alley

Catchy name, right? And with the collection of alliums around here-both ornamental and edible-it is appropriate in some seasons. I'm fascinated with all sorts of bulbs but the alliums remind me of the burst of a fireworks display. They are lovely in bloom, very tasty (& healthy) both cooked and raw, and some of them have flowers that dry just beautifully. Their season begins now...with many more to come! Some came from "seed onions" (that never got harvested to eat...but were left to bloom.) A few I actually began from seeds, because I couldn't find the bulbs for purchase. And others, the ornamentals, from bulb purveyors. They appear mostly in shades of purples, lavenders, pinks and white. And insects and diseases rarely seem to bother them...what perfect flowers!


Samantha Ysabelle said...

so these are called alliums!?! they really are gorgeous! at first i though they were flowers of the papyrus... they have a resemblance to it.

Just About Anything

Split Rock Ranch said...

AND, the deer don't like them. We discovered that if you plant Allium near other flowers and plants the deer will leave the other plants alone, too! Thanks for reminding me of the Allium - I should get some and see they help keep the deer away from my new gardens!

WillOaks Studio said...

Great comments! I do have one type of allium, comes in late July or so, that looks quite a bit like a papyrus flower--neat connection! And yes, thankfully, at least there is something around here that the deer leave alone--I hope to dig and divide this order to replant both daffs and allium in more areas that get browsed too often!

FishHawk said...

Wonderful pics!!!

ArtSnark said...

oooh - lovely!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I fell in love with alliums this spring. Will have to get more bulbs to plant in the fall.


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