Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hurry, Quick, Don't Blink!

I'm in my first (that I'm aware of) Etsy Gift Guide....for Mother's Day Jewelry. (OK, so it's at the bottom of the page...over in the right hand have to look very carefully!!) Quick now, or you'll miss it!

Which is quite true in that I DID sell many pieces to my customers during the past week...both overtly, and presumably, as Mother's Day gifts. I think it's a good use for many of my designs: to give mom (or any special woman) a personal gift. Especially a hand crafted one. Remember the gifts you made for mom in school? With popsicle sticks, or painted flower pots, or cut paper....she loved anything you gave her with love.

OK, so I'll make this easier and just insert my image here, too.

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