Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cool Blog Write-up + Still Time to VOTE!

I'll start with my photo contest update: I'm currently in about 10th place with 55 votes and am gaining on a few of the other photos "in the 50's" so if you haven't voted yet...or you can convince friends and family to vote...PLEASE do. There's still TIME-6 days!! Please click here to vote!
(and again, a huge thank you! to all who did vote for me already!)

Next cool thing...a blog posting I found this morning about my work on Cafe Handmade--WillOaks Studio is "the booth of the day!!" Have a just made me feel great!!

5-5 late p.m. LATE BREAKING news...up to 87 votes (and 26 comments) so I think I'm in about 5th place now....steady drum beat....a few more days to vote! Please do!

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