Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adventures in the Garden

This could be called my "Ode to Iowa." Many years ago, I took a weekend workshop in Williamsburg where we learned to work with fresh Iowa wild river willow. The project was to build a working chair. And yes, it was perfectly functional for many years...then I got careless and left it in the "weather."

Couldn't bear to toss it or burn it, but it's taken on a whole new life now, supporting a "bleeding heart" bush, that I also rescued from my farm in Iowa, as I was moving East. This bush has sort of outgrown its' corner, and would flop over on other plants as it wound down the growing season....but perhaps that problem is solved since it's grown up through the slatted bottom of the old chair. We'll see. If it stays put, and eventually turns nice and bright yellow in the Fall, perhaps there will be more photo perfect moments!?

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