Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Musings

Almost every day is Earth Day at WillOaks Farm. We tend to live pretty close to the land out here and the line between inside and outside blurs all the time. Right now, there are flowers blooming in most places both indoors and outside. Right now, the insects that took shelter in this old farm house for the winter are seeking the exit they have been waiting for, and thankfully, the days are getting longer all the time, which of course, allows more time for work outdoors.

My folks grew most of our vegetables and beef (I still keep a garden, but don't eat meat) and cut wood from the farm for the fireplaces-mostly dead fall thanks to annual tornadoes that pass through. These days, I've added a full recycling program to our campground and whenever we need to fix or change something...we give careful thought to the wildlife here with whom we share this area. I happy to see so much growth in awareness about ecological issues by humans in our country. I hope for larger changes, but I believe that each person, making thoughtful personal changes, can improve the world slowly.


z. Smith said...

Wow those photos are awesome.

ArtSnark said...

We Have A Winner! Details from the random drawing are here:

Thanks again, Karen, for you generous donation & for being a great sport!

Sharkbytes said...

Wow- How thoughtful of your leaf-footed bug to pose on a white background!


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