Friday, February 27, 2009

Loving Thoughts of Spring

So this new "series" started with a simple walk on a lovely day in late winter. The forms, textures, subtle contrasts and general rich, but monochrome sensations all absorbed in abstract and carefree ways. It was invigorating and exciting just to be out walking after so much weather that wasn't too inviting.

I don't really know a lot about what's hot and what's not...about the latest "in" fashion buzz. I'm more one of those sort of nerdy types that tends to be a bit headstrong about doing things "my way." So when I call all this stuff "wearable art"--that's really what I mean. I get a "concept" or a design challenge or some other vestige of a new idea...and then just try to figure out ways to make it happen and hopefully, at this time, I figure out how to make it "wearable."

I test drive everything I make because since there's no pattern or set of instructions sitting here, it's the only way I can see if this new "thing" actually "works." Heaven help me with the pile of stuff that, for a zillion different reasons, never quite makes the final cut. No harm done--I'm fine with recycling my own materials. At this point, it's all a grand adventure, an amazing learning experience--which has mostly been the guiding force for anything worthwhile or interesting I've pursued in what is proving to be quite an interesting life. And in light of some of the more heavy, even gloomy, thoughts that have haunted me of late, interesting is the name of the game, for me!

So if you've bothered to read this much, and you're not on my "insider" mailing list--let me mention that this weekend only--through 11 p.m. on Sunday night 3-1-09--go ahead and visit my little shop on Etsy and if you LIKE to wear earrings and feel like ADDING some new ones to your thrifty wardrobe....go ahead and pick out a couple you like, then type "1/2Spring" into the "notes to seller" as you check out and I'll knock 50% off the price of the pair with the lesser value. What a deal, eh? I do this by refunding the savings to your Paypal or credit card (so super cheap prices don't show up on my site--which makes me look "bad.") but YOU know the secret and the great deal you're getting on original, wearable art, right?

Hey, drop me a note with your email address and I'll add you right to my "insider" email address list and then you, too, will get notice of my sudden insanity when I get ready to practically give my work away...for a short time, anyway! Share the love!

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