Monday, May 13, 2013

Yes, I can....

Yes I can come back to life, I mean.  Yes, the campground is open for business for one final season and we're off to a running start!  Yes, the drought has broken with a cold Spring just full of rain (and so we're running way behind on the growing calendar.) Yes, the 3 cats plus Dakota are with me here on combat duty (lol!) living in our camper again to run the show.

Yes, the bird life is still astonishing here, including Sandhill Cranes living even closer than before (their habitat next door was clear-cut last summer and they are searching for and finding new nesting places.)  Yes, the fish survived the combination of the 3' drop in pond level with the 1+foot of ice on top, at least most of them did as there was no big carcass mess to greet us when the ice finally melted.

Yes, we already have campers staying here--truly wonderful, intrepid campers--willing to tough it out in freezing weather (which sounds kind of strange as it's mid May.)  Yes, I'm still making lots of things, both new things and revisiting older things to fill orders, which I'll bring back to my lovely neglected blog to give readers the inside scoop.

Yes, I've been trying a few new things including a brand new Pinterest account which is pretty darn fun, but I still feel kind of all thumbs with...(connect with me there if you share this obsession!, including my new "about" page on Etsy (which I plan to change and edit on a regular basis) and the iPhone app "Tunein Radio" which I love when I'm out and about.

Yes, I adore my new place in town, and was totally shocked by how quickly the winter flew by as somehow, it did end up I spent much more time in the new studio than in getting my "whole place" together....oh well, next winter!

Yes, I did get my trusty old camera fixed (finally!) so I can use it as a portable device again, instead of only plugged into an outlet, as I limped through the past year...(apparently, rechargeable batteries do die over time but I cannot recall ever killing any before?  Thank goodness for Amazon shopping!)

And finally, yes, I am just beginning to write again and to find my voice's a tad scary, but mostly, it feels good.  Hope to reconnect with old pals and find new ones here again in due time!  Thanks for dropping by!



Anonymous said...

Good thing I always kept you in my blog roll...So happy to see you pop up there with a post. Looking forward to whatever is new and wonderful with you...

Ann said...

What a nice surprise to see your blog pop up in the reader. I do share your obsession for pinterest although I haven't been as active there as I was

Lin said...

Hooray! It's good to know that little piece of heaven is open and waiting for the Kautz gang to come camping again. Save me a good site again, will ya--we are DEFINITELY coming back!!

Glad to see you back blogging--I missed ya, Karen!

Rose said...

Great to hear from you again! I always love seeing pictures of your kitties and look forward to hearing more about the campground again.


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