Tuesday, May 1, 2012

She's a Little Bit Hoopy

My idea of fun is to take a structure, in this case, a circle with a loop on top, and riff on it.  I've been calling these "hoop dangles" to differentiate from "hoops" which go straight through the old ear lobe.  Embellishing them has been an ongoing design exercise.  It's scary when one idea leads to 3 which lead to a dozen--what if I don't live long enough to do them all?  I try to write things down because odds are good I'll forget at least some of them before I get back to work.

May 1 was opening day at the campground.  Happy to say it was a dud (one camper) and I say happy because I still have to finish getting things organized.  I think all will be well by Friday, so we're doing well enough, even if I have been shorthanded.  Weather permitting, I'm expected a busy weekend out there!

And on my new house front, I'm wandering around with a calculator and a tape measure, trying to figure out shelving, lots of it, for studio spaces.  While I have a lot here at my current place that can be recycled into new spaces, I also have some more unusual places to try to set up and organize.  It just seems if I can get shelving moved in and installed BEFORE I start moving over boxes of my materials and stuff, I might minimize my odds of sort of losing things--which I fully expect to happen but am anxious to avoid.  Because orders just keep coming in and since I make things to order, losing certain things would really spoil my day!

Speaking of days, have a good one and Happy May Day--I used to love to leave guerrilla gifts for all the neighbors when I was a kid and earnestly celebrated May Day with home made paper baskets filled with violets and dandelions gifted to everyone I knew, and a few I didn't.    This was my idea of fun before I started making adult style art.....and my idea of a gift before I knew how to make real jewelry.  I've always wanted to see a real, old fashioned May Pole dance, where long ribbons get woven around a pole.  I've only read about them and hope to actually watch one some day--it just sounds like great performance art.


Rose said...

One idea which leads to three which leads to a dozen is how it goes with so many of my creative endeavors. There really won't ever be time to do them all, but that's okay. Your new earrings look great as always. I hope that you have a great first weekend at the camp ground. Good luck with getting your new place ready!

Anna said...

Lovely earrings. When you get going on an idea you are very thorough!
Best wishes,

Nancy said...

Lovely new work! Although it feels overwhelming to have so many ideas it's also a great blessing. Good luck getting settled into your new place and getting the camp ground up!

Lin said...

Yea! Opening Day!! This is my summer, you know. I'm COMING to Camp. Really. I am.

Irene and I were talking about May Poles at work yesterday. She wanted to do the ribbon around the pole thing too--I just told her we'd end up in a knotted mess. :)


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