Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Shopping at WillOaks Studio

A fun collection of hoops, narrative and holiday earrings both in my shop or about to be posted over the coming weekend. If you're an earring fan, check these out soon--lots of fun and plenty of bling. And I'm finally adding gold to my mix--14/20 gold filled wire and beads besides the sterling silver I've used forever....

A range of pieces in more traditional forms and colors, for winter and for the holidays, are scattered all through my shop on Etsy. Garnets, rubies, keishi pearls, cut crystals and Czech glass and much more!

And a personal favorite new direction: Pearls for the Holidays. Long metal chains with wire wrapped pearls and gemstones and coordinated earrings. Available individually or save 10% when earrings and necklace are purchased together.

Plenty of time to order gifts for Christmas giving and if you've shopped with me before, watch your e-mail box for a discount code to sweeten the deal!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. Over here, the holiday parties are starting this weekend!!


Grace said...

Love the dove earrings...

Wendy said...

Beautiful! Love those earring with the silvery keishi pearls! :)

Rose said...

Beautiful Christmas earrings! I hope that they do well. You have so any beautiful choices for holiday gifts!

Glamour Buttons (formerly Alterity) said...

Love those hoops! And I love how your pearl jewelry has evolved :)

aquariann said...

Gorgeous jewelry! The pearls would be wonderful to wear to a holiday party.

Btw, thank you so fairy much for participating in my last seasonal blog hop. I hope you'll come join the Winter Blog Hop fun, too.

Anna said...


BTW I had to move to a new address very suddenly. Please stop by when you have the time, Karen.

Best wishes,

My new address for Anna's Adornments is:

tkdesigns4u said...

After taking a l o n g break from the blogging world, I appreciated your comment! Thanks!

Also I took a look around your blog and just love all the changes and additions you made to it since I last visited. Very nice job! Your pictures are gorgeous (and jewelry of course) and it is organized beautifully!


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