Saturday, November 19, 2011

There She Goes Again....

Nothing says "Winter Holidays" to me quite like crystals. The clear icy color reminds me of the weather, but the sparkly "bling" of the hard, crisp surfaces says party sparkles all the way! So every winter, I get out my precious box of German leaded cut crystals....and try to figure out all new ways to use them.
A couple of new designs, above and below, and there are some others that I've not photographed quite yet. The design challenge is to figure out all new and different ways to embellish them.

These dainty faceted lemon quartz marquis cut stones have been staring at me for awhile now and I just wouldn't commit to how to use them. Well, I finished a commission this past week (finally! I was running pretty slow on this job!) where I was designing earrings to work with a customer's pendant, which was also artisan make a long story short, this design evolved and I'm giving it a try in my Etsy shop--my customer liked them very much so we'll see of other women do too!

And finally, I'm working with some very nice Keishi Pearls I've been collecting for awhile now. I love these precious, organic shapes used to evoke little flowers and flower petals, and I find them really challenging to work with because no two pearls are alike. Plus, they are not plentiful and so the choice of colors and sizes is intermittent, at best. But these pale gray (above) and rich, warm brown (below) pearls, paired with Swarovski crystals and little gemstones are a dangle design that I really like, and that have been doing well in the gallery. They are really difficult to photograph well so I'm unsure about how much I want to stress over the photos to offer these in my shop? We'll see, perhaps my time is better spent keeping the display at the gallery stocked up because when seen in "person" these are quite charming and elegant dangle earrings. be continued!

I just drift away into my creative la-la land.....get lost for days....and you never know when or where I'll pop up next! Sorry, I don't mean to neglect my blog and blogger friends. But the countdown to the openings last weekend became so intense and then, things never did really settle down! I'm feeling the beginnings of the holiday crunch time and already, my house is neglected and I'm falling behind on things NOT about making new pieces....

But the good news is, there are a lot of new pieces here waiting to be photographed so thankfully, I'm getting inspired and have been working very hard. New pieces I'll show here soon include a whole new series that features large pearls and chain and my very first work in gold, what a thrill!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ann said...

creative la la I like the sounds of that.
Your earrings are lovely

Grace said...

Oh my dear, I love, love love the lemon quartz earrings!

Rose said...

Gorgeous pieces as always! I especially love the first pair and the Keishi Pearl pieces. You're right that the crystals are perfect for Christmas.

Lin said...

I'm sure winter is probably your time to dedicate to your jewelry. I love your new pieces--so different from your others! I like that you are always stretching your creativity into new methods and styles. :)


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