Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom

How time flies. Today is my mother's birthday. She passed away in 1979, but if she had lived, today she would have been 78, not really so old these days. She was so much fun. Pictured here, on the left, she's hanging out with one of her best friends Marge back in 1973. Notice the camper in the background? Uh huh, family camping started way before I was even born and by '73, long gone were the tents and was full fledged campers, towed behind autos, all the way.

We took a lot of family trips as campers and often banded together with other families. We'd move into a park en masse and just make it our home for awhile. There were usually tons of kids around--heck, our family alone added 6 kids to the big group!

But today, I was remembering how stylish my mom usually was. She had her own fashion flair and loved to dress up and look good. She got me going with sewing, crafts, art classes and all the rest before I knew what I was doing and I do like to day dream about how she would view my art career since she passed away shortly after I got my BFA and before I had even had my first solo exhibition. I did find earrings I made for her in a copper enameling lesson in high school art classes but can't remember if I ever saw her actually wear them. I think I could dress her up in some of my current designs, at least in my imagination.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


Ann said...

well a very happy birthday to your mom. I bet that she would love the jewelry you are making now

Rose said...

Your mom sounds like an amazing woman. I'm sure that she would be so proud of all of your art accomplishments, including your jewelry. The retro photo is great.

Additionsstyle said...

I'm sure your mom would be very proud of what you have accomplished with your art business!

Reading your post brought back lots of memories for me, I loved our family camper and it sounds like you did too.

Everyday Inspired

Lin said...

I can see it in the photo how she was stylin'!! Look at how she pulls off that plaid pantsuit!! WOW!!

Happy Birthday, Mom. :)

Joanne Hanson said...

My Mom would have been 86 this Friday, so your post pulled some heartstrings. I am older now than she was when she died. She missed a lot, and it sounds like your Mom did too. Happy Birthday to both our Moms!


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