Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back track to Hoops

If you check in now and then, perhaps you have noticed that I often work in series. That is, I don't usually just make one version of an idea but often explore many variations on a theme. The past summer, while I was working and not writing much, I became enamored with hoop earrings. In fact, I did about 4 different series featuring different design approaches to this shape.

Below, a few examples from my more simple design with a focus on gemstones wrapped around a nice size of hoop. All sterling hoops and wires and all semiprecious stones in the roundel shape.

Amethyst Hoop Earrings Sterling and Phlox Purple Wrapped with Silver
Tiny Peach Coral Beads Wrapped on Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Ruby Big Hoop Earrings Wrapped with Silver
Peridot, carnelian, and crystals in a chakra rainbow are also in my shop with this shape of hoop. Pearls, garnets and other stones are still on my "to do" list. I think of this design as a staple in the sense that monochromatic pieces like these can be easily and frequently used--and do not necessarily need to "match" the color of one's outfit--in fact, as a counterpoint, it can really be a lot of fun!

Later, I'll show other directions that hoops have taken in my recent work, from simple to wild and crazy.

Speaking of wild and crazy, best wishes for a nice weekend--here in the Midwest, we are getting our first taste of sustained cold weather. A bit too early for my tastes.....


Ann said...

I've always been a fan of hoop earrings. Those are very pretty

randomcreative said...

The new earrings are gorgeous! I'm sure that they'll do well.

The cold weather is here a little early for me, too, but hopefully we'll see some more warm days in September before it sets in for good.

Anonymous said...

Hoops are pretty much my favorite shape earrings - I like big button earrings but no one makes those - always tricky getting the post in the right place...Of course I love the amethyst

Lin said...

I'm stuck on one pair of silver hoops and I'm wearing them with everything. Criminy, I need to mix it up.

It is chilly, but then it warms up again. I can't figure out what clothes to keep in my closet these days!!! ARrrrghh!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I'm really loving the mint green ones. I think pearl would look great too...


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