Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Phun With Photos

I got my first digital camera in 2003. I was clueless but intrigued by a list of different "modes" one could shoot in, so I sort of went crazy and hardly took any "normal" photos!! Experimentation was so exciting. Two images here of house plants (above) are from that early series.

Sometime later, I began to learn about editing on the computer and have been enchanted ever since. The orchid and the collage of variations on Red Kitty on the Red Cushion are just a few more recent experiments.

True confession, I'm clueless about the Photoshop approach to editing. Learning it someday is on my "to do" list...I have other, cruder but easier ways to manipulate photos and examples of this are used here. While I'm not writing this to endorse any products, if anyone is interested in aspects of software or other technical info, please drop me a note!

Have a great day--it's finally above freezing here and feels positively balmy!!


Jen said...

I've spent a fair amount of time using Photoshop and I have no clue how to make any of the cool editing things you see all over the net. I use it to resize things and that's about it. Love the orchids!

Katherine said...

My favorite is the cat one! I have one similar of my dog.. who can resist cats and dogs!

aquariann said...

Neat photos! Photoshop filters are fun. ^.^

Lin said...

THanks for the reminder---I've been meaning to register for that PSE class at the local college. Going to their website now....

I have the darn program and no time to tinker with it. I need someone to show me what it can do.

LOVE your experiments--they turned out cool!


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