Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grab Bag for a Cold Winter's Day

Yesterday, the weather here preempted everything else--whether fun, or sort of important. Time to play catch up because there were some very lovely things that were happening for WillOaks Studio on other sites and I want to be sure to share them here.

The new exclusive piece I designed for "Yoga With Style" made its debut and I'm happy to share here that it is just the first of several pieces of my work that will be available at this very nice retail site for yoga aficionados. Meanwhile, I include one image of this piece here, but do take a look at Jennifer's whole site, with many wonderful categories of things for the yoga life style.

My readers here will recognize this as a new version of my ongoing "Made With Silk" series, which just keeps on growing!! Truly, I just keep finding new ideas, new treasures to incorporate, new color themes...and they become richer and more complex as the continue to evolve! And yes, they sell out because they are still made in small editions with neat things that I find in small batches.

My blog and Etsy buddy and fellow artist, Nancy, featured my work in her article on the "a little etsy love" blog here, and it includes a chance to win a gift certificate to use in my Etsy shop. The drawing on 2-9 is open to all who make the effort to enter!!

I really do like the way Nancy (her own blog is here) wrote up my work and hope you'll take a look (always nice to hear things from another perspective than mine...I'm the artist, after all, so am far from objective!!)

And finally, when I was making photos of the big snow drifts and after effects of our blizzard yesterday, I happened to notice and capture an image from the landscape that now I can see was a direct influence on the new pieces I've been working on and began to share here a few days ago. Well, I've done a few more versions of these since that post (see below) and can now juxtapose these with the "original source material." I love then this happens because when I wrote the descriptions of where this idea came from and what these pieces are meant to reference, I only had the image in my imagination....this photo from the Magnolia tree in the front yard here is definitely one of those photos "worth a thousand words. In fact, I'm just beginning to add it to the listings for these new pieces!

Thanks for dropping by....and if you happen to be in one of the sub-zero zones today, like I am....keep warm!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE those new snow inspired pieces. I just may have to beg for a valentine gift this year:)

Thanks again for spreading the word about it. Despite my little font flop we've gotten about 100 responses now- wonderful! And reading through some of the comments it looks like you might have some new online stalkers:) I hope it leads some customers!

Lin said...

I'm just hoping I win so I can take that lavender pearl bib home !!! I LOVE that piece!!

BeadedTail said...

Gorgeous pieces! I love that purple cuff!

Ann said...

Lovely necklace. That is amazing how those cuffs really do resemble that photo.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Yoga necklace!! (And everything else too!) Winter blahs make for spring shopping finds! Just got back to blogging after a long winter's break and some travel to market etc. And did my first post of the new year (sadly) on WILLOAKS Studio and one of my fav bracelets you have! Happy Monday!

jacey said...

The exclusive piece "Yoga With Style" is very creative. I am impressed with the design. Sooner or later i will gonna buy it. Diamond Engagement Rings


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