Saturday, December 11, 2010

Escapism...where ideas come from...

It's cold here and a blizzard is moving through later today...or at least the prediction is for "blizzard conditions." So it warmed my heart to have some of my photos from my recent Arizona project and residency requested for a web page in progress about this project.

It's warm to look at these images and then I was struck by a lovely synchronicity between this image, created when I took several photos of a beautiful desert vista and "stitched" them together...

...and the corresponding warm tones and colors in a collection of my pieces--spanning several different series--accidentally grouped together in my Etsy studio. Only ironic because I'm not a desert person...only a visitor.

But apparently the colors and sense of this landscape inform some of my work. Mind you, this is probably subconscious as I tend to work and make pieces with the simple philosophy "You never know where a good idea will come from" and then I trust that making things will be the "best arbitrary choices taken from random coincidences." Of course, the human mind is always tuned into patterns and looking for relationships...but beyond that? I guess it's my stubborn persistence to just make and make, and try and try, and eventually "things" pile up and hopefully, some of them are pretty good.

So it's good for me, now and then, to try to step back and consider the larger picture. Somehow, the fact that this set of images, subsequently reorganized, all popped up on my monitor here, within moments of each other, was one such opportunity so thought I'd share!

I've been wonderfully, amazingly busy with orders from my Etsy shop--very satisfying as I progress through my 3rd holiday season here. There's still time to place an order through WillOaks Studio with regular shipping charges to arrive before Christmas....but only for a few more days!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

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cardiogirl @ said...

It sounds like you have the perfect weather conditions to make a lot of jewelry. Now we're expecting to get 4-8 inches of snow today.

Good thing it's Sunday and not a school day. I imagine the salt trucks will have this storm under control by school tomorrow morning *crosses fingers*


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