Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today's my mom's birthday and I still think about her though she's been gone for over 30 years. I was her first born and in this old family photo, she and I are front and center with my dad's family. She was a really amazing lady: very intelligent, very creative, lots of fun and probably the main reason I went into the field of fine art. She encouraged me to just try things, all sorts of things, from making stuff to going on adventures. So Mom? Thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart. I still miss you, a lot, and I'm still sad that you left us way too soon. But at any rate: Happy Birthday! Love, Karen


Ann said...

What a lovely family portrait. Your mom was a very pretty lady. Happy Birthday to her

Anonymous said...

A very good looking group of people!

VanillaSeven said...

You have an awesome mom to be born in October! Happy Birthday!

aquariann said...

*hugs* Sorry she was taken so soon, but glad she had such a positive effect on you. The date is a popular day to be born - a co-worker and a belly dancer classmate both share the day.

Anna said...

What a handsome family, Karen. Your mother was really pretty.
Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am to still have my mother. I talked to her on the phone yesterday and she was concerned about how I am doing. Eighty-four and she is thinking more about others than herself! In the same breath as I say this, I know that I will not have her forever.

Your post today is a lovely tribute to your mother's memory. I'm sure that she would have been very proud of you.

Thanks for sharing.
I am writing this at the public library as my computer has decided to not work and I have not yet been able to fix it. I think I know what the problem is though. So your blog is one of the very few that I am commenting on today.
Best wishes & hugs,

Lin said...

Happy Birthday, Mom. :) It's nice that you have such warm memories of your mom.


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