Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carried Away

It's been the best ride, just seeing how far I can take this idea of the crocheted chain cuff. They seem to get more and more embellished, more rich, more detailed with each try. Feeling free to make one of a kind pieces instead of editions is also quite wonderful, although some of these could be made 2 or 3 times, if the need should arise.

Frankly, it's just been a thrilling exploration: my recent month-long fixation on "The Cuff." And it's good that I'm finally finding time to focus and to concentrate on creating new pieces--the holiday gallery exhibitions and markets are now just 6 to 8 weeks away and it's always just great to have a rich, wide selection (as there is no accounting for tastes--shoppers' tastes, that is--which seem to change from year to year.)

We're down to the final 2 weeks here at WillOaks Campground. It will be quite busy as the last few events take place, but the air has such a nip now, the leaves are changing color, geese fly overhead with such regularity, I can find no sign of the frogs and toads that were plentiful earlier, the soybean crop has been harvested. All signs of the season's change. I must stay on guard this time of year...somehow, with the transition to dormancy, melancholia is always a distinct possibility. A little bit is to be expected and is bittersweet...too much can be crippling!


Anonymous said...

They look like a lot of work!

Ann said...

What great pieces. That first one just says "fun" to me :)
Find some time for yourself in the next couple of weeks.

Lin said...

Is it really the end of the season for the campground already?? Bummer. My frogs are staying low, hanging in the water more, where it is warmer than the air. Look for yours on sunny days--they are working on keeping warm and catching the last of the bugs to fatten up for the long hibernation ahead!

Sara Katt said...

Lovely cuffs. But I bet they take time to do!
Sara Cat

w0rkingAth0mE said...

they are really cute i think it was fit on me =)


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