Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Model at WillOaks Studio

I interrupted my routine today to try to take some decent photos of new work here at my camper. A far cry from my regular little photo studio, but I'm starting to get some OK results between the north and west windows here where I have my little work space in the camper.

The biggest challenge is how tiny this space, shared with Purrmeister and Dakota, can be for certain tasks--like taking photos. Cats, in particular this cat, are extremely curious and anything/everything is a game. So I gave up and let him play a bit, before I shut him back up in the bedroom here.

I must admit that he is one of the most handsome models I've used to date! Too bad his wrists aren't just a little bit larger so he could show off one of my new cuff designs! Maybe I should be careful what I wish for, though, because he continues to grow bigger and bigger since he's not a year old yet!

We've been totally in the throes of the brutal heat wave here. This means we're pretty darn busy at the campground and the swimming pond is getting a lot of use, too. Somehow, I've been working well into the night when things quiet down around here and slowly, new work is piling up, new designs are coming along, and new pieces are about ready to post in my shop. That's why trying to make some new photos became a priority today....and I carried on both with and without the help of the Purrmeister!


Jasmine1485 said...

What a lovely, photogenic cat! I have to say, that's my favourite model I've seen in ages. My cat is far less amenable to photos, she squints or turns away and runs off. :S

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

You need a little cat like me - I am small enough to wear your pretty cuff as a collar.

On second thought, I hate wearing collars! What was I thinking? My human DOES like your cuff, though.

Ann said...

Love that cuff and I think Purrmeister makes an excellent model

Marg said...

Purrmeister sure has good taste. That is a lovely cuff. Even our Mom likes it and she doesn't do stuff like that but that is really nice. Purrmeister, you are getting just huge. Pretty soon Mom is going to have to get you your own camper.
Have a great day.

Anna said...

Lovely cuff!
Oh Purrmeister, have you finally found your calling? Photo model! You are such a beautiful kitty!

I have heard that the heat is terrible where you are. I'll send you some cooler air from the far north!

Ruth said...

OMG he's gorgeous! That first pic would be awesome to use in the listing, I think. :-)

Anonymous said...

That last photo was purrfect! Use it for the shop - absolutely -makes me want to buy it!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Karen, I can't even believe how BIG Purrmeister is!!!!!...and yes he's a very handsome model...glad to see you are well and busy, even w/ extreme heat in your neck of the woods...we've caught a break for the moment!!!

Love the new look of the blog...:))

Lin said...

I like your new model! I think it gives real size perspective to your pieces and draws your attention to it as well. I say to use him permanently! Well, unless he is one of those diva supermodels!


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