Saturday, June 26, 2010

To Bee or Not To Bee

I was totally thrilled to spy honey bees just a couple of days ago! It seems we had the hive collapse syndrome or other problems with our local honey bees for a few years as there were none to be seen. Now I'm in the garden a lot, and I am always looking at the general and particular state of any number of insects around here. Luckily, there are other pollinators in our area, including the big woolly bumblebees, but I wondered if I'd ever see the good old workhorse, honey bee again.

I'm not an expert and have no idea where their hives are, etc. But here I was photographing the blooms of our local milkweed plants (because I'm totally fascinated by how in the heck these pretty flowers turn into those big pointy seed pods! I keep reminding myself to try to watch the process...then I forget to pay attention!) There were several bees hovering and nectaring on these lovely flowers. They were moving pretty rapidly, so their images are a bit blurred, but I am so happy to discover they are back in the neighborhood!

And Purrmeister says "Relax, Have a Happy Sunday on Me!"

His human says..."What am I growing here, a giant? How much bigger is this cat that rules the camper going to get??"


Duni said...

We will, Purrmeister!

Honey bees are important little creatures. Glad they're back.

Ann said...

I just got a picture of one of those honey bees the other day. I never realized what pointy little heads they had.
Purrmeister is looking very regal there on his throne. What a pretty boy he is.

Marg said...

Oh Purrmeister, you are getting very large. But you are so handsome. They are going to have to get a new camper to fit you.
Great picture of the honey bee. Glad they showed up and those are super pictures of the flower.
Have a great Sunday.

Lin said...

What you have to watch for is monarch butterfly eggs on the bottoms of those leaves!! They lay their eggs only on milkweed. I used to raise monarch butterflies--so start watching for tiny caterpillars! (Let me know if you spy some)

Anonymous said...

And once again I ask, as I asked Ann earlier - Whats with you photographers and insects?

Lin said...

Poor Grace!

WillOaks Studio said...

True confession, Grace, I really like insects and bugs!! I love butterflies, bees and moths a lot. Getting photos can be tricky though 'cuz they are often moving. Lin, I've raised Monarchs, too which I lived in Iowa. What a magical process and you bet I'm looking for eggs these days! Ann, I saw your bee shot, too: Bees Rock! And so does my pretty boy Purrmeister, thanks for the compliments!

Anna said...

Sorry ladies, I'm with Grace. I am not a bug-photographer! I even have trouble snapping birds. The smallest creature I can get a picture of is a cat.

Purrmeister, you are one handsome cat-man!

Best wishes,

Sara sends purrs


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