Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Impulsive post. I happened on this photo tag today on Jean's Musings. She explains that "I've picked up Sunday's tag from Poetic Shutterbug, to post the 8th photo in my 8th picture folder...."

So I was really curious...what would I find in my own 8th folder? Oh, lucky me--one of my favorite "mood shots" from last autumn. A huge flock of blackbirds was passing through our farm on a really gray, rainy day. For me, this was the essence of the fall season....

f you feel like it, according to Jo on Poetic Shutterbug, you can pass this on to 8 other bloggers, or just do as I have (and like I copied from Jean) and let anyone pick it up.


jakill said...

Thanks for the link. I did like this tag because my photo wasn't one I'd have thoguht of using before, and I'm sure that will apply to many bloggers.

your is quite fascinating - looks like it was taken through glass that had raindrops on. A great mood shot indeed.

Ms.T. Fishstabber said...

Nice Blog!

Anonymous said...

I love window pictures! (I saw this meme or whatever the other day and out of curiosity I looked at the 8th pic in my 8th folder - and guess what is was a window pic tho not a very interesting one - it was looking out of an airplane window).

Ann said...

I got tagged by Vanilla Seven for the same thing. I just posted mine last night.
That is a lot of birds in that tree

Lin said...

Criminy! That's like The Birds!! Yikes!

Like Ann, I was tagged by VanillaSeven. That reminds me -- I have to go do that post! Uh oh.


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