Saturday, April 17, 2010

Things you need to SEE/Things you need to WIN

The weather's been pretty tough the past couple of days. Very windy, brilliant sunshine that was not photo friendly. Difficult to work outside, too. And we are under a frost advisory tonight.

But indoors, I have a new installation next to my kitchen sink that I just love. True confession = I kill ferns on a regular basis. So not sure how long these babies are for this earth, but installed in my quasi Gothic plant holder, next to the kitchen sink at least helps me remember to water them more or less regularly.

Don't mean to belabor the point, but Charisma now has two stems almost in full bloom. I'm really enjoying it as it will be a whole year before I can see these flowers again.

Purrmeister has a new bad habit. He doesn't just like to drink water from anywhere and everywhere...he likes my watering cans on the kitchen counter. I filter my water for drinking and plants because it's well water. He's just fascinated with running water and enjoys splashing around in water with his paws...what a mess.

So now, about entering to win a wonderful prize:

There are some really nice things that fellow blogger - artisans are offering as contest giveaways right now. I'll be listing a couple of different contests this week and will begin with Tara of Scarborough Seashells who is celebrating her 100th blog post with a really generous offer of either a choice of a pair of earrings or a pendant made from beautiful beach objects OR the chance to have a pendant MADE from your own special piece of sea glass.

(these are the ones I chose IF I should be lucky enough to win!)

She's so lucky to live at the edge of the ocean (this is a solid Midwesterner speaking now.) The treasures she finds along the sea's edge are just lovely...but she doesn't stop there (like I do as in putting them in glass bowls or as dust catchers on my shelves)

Oh no, she creates sterling bezel settings for them so that they either hang as special pendants or are paired up for really unique pierced earrings. So if you're interested in having a chance at this wonderful offer...head over to her blog and discover the 4 different ways you can enter to win through a drawing held on later next week.

You've got until April 24 to enter. I'd say "good luck" but I was kind of hoping that I would have the good luck this time around!? May the best blogger or blog-reader win...actually, it would be the "luckiest" blogger or blog-reader, lol!

Have a great Sunday one and all!!


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

You should get Purrmeister a Drinkwell pet fountain, or another pet fountain with running water. I bet he would enjoy that. Or... maybe he just likes messing around with water he's not supposed to play with!

Ann said...

I've already entered into the giveaway, she does have some very nice stuff
The cat that I used to have also had a fascination for water. When I would first fill the self watering dish I had for him and Duke, he would sit on top of it and hang down the front to play in the water as it was dripping into the dish. He only fell off once and the splash wasn't big enough to deter him from doing it

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Karen- I love that plant holder. I hope your ferns live long enough to fill it with green!

Barbra said...

Your flowers,inside and out, are just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love the Charisma - so lovely. One of our cats prefers drinking out of the Brita pitcher...Cats!

Lin said...

Why can't the cats just drink out of their bowl??? My two drink water out of the pond plants and the sink--but rarely out of their bowls. Ugh.

tkdesigns4u said...

Well, I too have a cat that rarely drinks from her bowl! She wants her water from a paper cup that sits right in the middle of the sink...mind you, not on the side, but in the middle, and she has to see me fill it!! I guess we know who's boss at my house! When we had fish aquariums for the kids she liked sitting on top and drinking from the little hole by the filter! It's comforting to know there are other people out there who have crazy cats!!

Your photos are beautiful! Right now my Apple blossom Amarylis is in bloom with pale pink and white blossoms and green throat. My red ones (can't remember the name) just finished. Your Amarylis, Charisma, looks beautiful too!
Thanks for the wonderful give away info.!

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are great, flowers lovely. I followed over after finding you on the arts forum on Tribalblogs. I do a little bit of all fiber arts...quilting, art quilting, sewing, crochet, embroidery, a little knitting, and many other craaft including some bead work. I think I've dabbled in almost everything excet pottery and stain glass, both of which I am itching to try.

Ratty said...

That's funny about the cat. I love the odd habits of cats.


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