Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Charisma and the Purrmeister

Yep, this beauty has a name! An official, use it to order it, name. Charisma. What a wonderful amaryllis and its' bloom is always anticipated and most welcome. Funny thing is, I got it from my bulb company as a kind of consolation prize some years ago. I had ordered a bunch of paper white narcissus with the hope of using them for a program in early Spring but they didn't bloom like I was expecting. The company couldn't send more of these as it was too late, so sweethearts that they were...they send me 3 big amaryllis bulbs. And when I planted them, oh my!!!!!

And this is the newest thing for the Purrmeister. Getting just as far into open windows as he possibly can. He's a goofball. He does and doesn't want to go outside. I suppose his caution (scaredy cat?) is a good thing. He isn't quite sure what he's doing yet. So maybe the window is a better choice?

When I can, I leave the sliding door open just cat-width so he can come and go rather than close him out as I intend to do in due time (heck, who wants tons of insects flying in through an open door??) As large as he is (and wow is he growing fast), he still has the brain of a baby which is pretty adorable. And it's strange...he's fearless where I wish he'd be more cautious (with the dog!) and he's cautious where he can be bold and explore and all. That's what the collar is all he cannot leave the yard--it's a big yard and there's a lot to do out there, if you're a cat! In fact, the catnip plants are big and lush right now and I caught Mariah rolling in them this morning but wasn't quick enough with the camera.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be overcast here because I feel overdue in catching images of all the cool things now blooming out in the gardens....


Duni said...

My cat Sammy needs a lot of persuasion to go outside, even if it's just on to the terrace. It's very amusing watching him hover at the threshold :)

The amaryllis is gorgeous!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Charisma is stunning!

Purrmeister is so cute. Lucky boy that he gets to go outside! I'm sure in time he'll enjoy it as much as the other kitties do. Its good that he's cautious outdoors - he'll live a lot longer that way!

Thank you for hosting my Entrecard ad yesterday/today!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is one beautiful flower! Our cats wouldn't go outside if you paid them - they still remember what it was like to be out on the streets - they're quite happy inside, safe and warm - mostly safe and fed!

Ann said...

What a gorgeous flower that is. Every cat I've ever had even though I tried to keep them an inside cat they always had other plans.

Ratty said...

I could never keep cats inside the house. I would have loved to have a shy cat like this. My cats would go up on the roof and jump off just to get out.

Lin said...

We use a cat door in our screen, Karen. We installed it last year and the cats LOVE it. It's nice because we control when they can come and go, and it locks too so that you can have the screen open and still not let them out. It is a nice compromise for all of us. My kitties do not go outside if we are not home, but are allowed free reign when we are here to check on them.


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