Thursday, March 4, 2010

Green for Your Ears...

Freshwater pearl drop-for St. Patrick's Day and new

Nephrite jade wrapped hoops - new

Czech pressed glass and copper - new

"Green Rain" earrings

Spring Green flowers earrings

part of the "Wasabi Blossoms with Lime Leaves" set

I feel compelled to finish out the week with my accidental green theme. I was drawing a bit of a blank until I heard from Grace this morning, on the hunt for green earrings (thank you, Grace!) Well, I took the opportunity to peruse my portfolio in the hunt for potentially suitable candidates, and was quite pleased with myself to put my little collection together!

Some were sold (but could be recreated), some are currently listed and still others are newer, and will be listed within the next couple of days...and something that really delighted me was the RANGE of greens here....very cool, if I do say so myself! I'm not going to tell you which ones she chose...that's up to her!

On a totally different it just me or have any of my other readers been encountering a higher number of infected blogs (which thankfully, my AVG virus protection is far!) when returning EC drops? It's got me a bit spooked. I'm considering returning to just my blogroll again but when I do have a bit of time to blog surf, it's the curious cat in me that wonders what is behind the new avatar....although tried and true blogs have come up infected does this happen?


fullet said...

What a precious collection, Karen! It was great to see these pics, each one is unique; my favourites are the Czech ones, although it must be difficult to actually choose only one piece like Grace did!

I read some complains about those infected blogs in EC, and I know there was a "diaspora" of Entrecarders some weeks ago because of this, but I haven't got any problem. Maybe I drop too few blogs. I'm intrigued by it and I'll be checking other bloggers comments here to know more about it.

Split Rock Ranch said...

I love the earrings! I wish I could still wear pierced earrings. ;o(

I keep hearing more and more about the virus infected blogs from entrecard and so many people are leaving or have already left entrecard. I just finally had to quit blog surfing and only visit my favorites (see where I am right now?!)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Oh, and speaking of Entrecard (I'm not awake yet!) Thank you for hosting my entrecard ad today!

Grace said...

I love the presentation of the green flower earrings - and in case anyone cares I chose the last pair of earrings as a gift for my friend. Myself, I am indulging in the purple glass flower earrings - these make 4 items I have purchased from Karen - I already have amethyst heart earrings and the amethyst necklace with the silver beads...Give yourself a little treat, get some pretty from Karen.

Hot Rocks said...

Nice earrings...perfect for St. Paddy's Day! I have not had any problems with virus from EC..but I do have Norton anti virus protection. I have heard of other people mention this tho.

Ann said...

Karen that is an awesome collection of green earrings.

I haven't had any problem with viruses from EC but then I'm down to only dropping about 30 a day if that. I'm sticking with just my favorite blogs now and a lot of them are not even EC anymore.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them all..the first 2 pair grab me because I am so drawn to the color...WONDERFUL work!!!!

Lin said...

I was encountering too many "trojan blocked" pop-ups by the time I left EC. I was glad that I wasn't infected, but it sure scared me a bit from dropping. I don't miss EC, Karen. It's nice to just have my friends to visit and I'm finding new quality blogs through them.

I love the green theme! I also liked Grace's earrings on her video today.

randomcreative said...

I LOVE the green earrings, especially the Czech pressed glass and copper pair! As you know, I've been on a green earring kick, too. :) Such an amazing color.

I haven't had any problems with infected blogs through EC, but I know of others who have.

askcherlock said...

When I was still with EC, unfortunately I encountered this way too often. It has not happened since I left. Coincidence? I developed a blogroll which I can easily access from my own blog. I add new ones and take off ones that have not posted in a long time. It is much easier for me, though I did find some wonderful blogs through EC, such as yours. After a while you know the blogs you enjoy reading and the pressure of "dropping" is alleviated. I am not trying to talk you into anything. Again, I found some terrific blogs while at EC, and for that I am grateful.

Steve said...

Great collections!!
Very unique and attractive. They have a cool look. But my favorite is Freshwater pearl drop. Thumbs up for the designers creativity.Good job done.

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Julie said...

It's the redhead Prairie farm girl again — I'm in LOVE with these green earrings, and just might have to give in and get a pair... or two. You're right that greens and coppers are my colours!

(p.s. I haven't talked to my sister yet, but I haven't forgotten either...)


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