Thursday, February 18, 2010

Those Darn Cats & Purty Pearls

OK, so I'm too cute by half, but I'll blame it on my boy cats here. They just do some of the goofiest things and most of the time, my camera is nowhere near. Well, I got a sequence today that taught me something, besides being very entertaining.

When Red Kitty drinks from the faucet (which he loves more that anything except eating food) he actually lets all that water just sort of run over his face before he actually puts his mouth into the act. I wondered if he was sort of feeling his way over to the right position, or if he's using this chance to sort of wash his face? Today I realized that cats actually don't mind water too much, on their own terms. I made some video clips of Purrmeister playing in a running faucet that was filling a watering can. I hope to edit and post it when I get a chance because he's very enthusiastic about playing with that stream of water.

Purrmeister's new napping spot--a metal basket used to store magazines and catalogs. It's my fault--I sometimes drape a sweatshirt or fleece over the edge and he turned it into a little nest.

Crocheted Brown Silk with Dark Ivory Pearls Bracelet or Long Necklace

Crocheted Blue Silk and Dainty Teal Pearls Long Necklace or Bracelet

Crocheted Purple Silk and Variegated Purple Pearls Long Necklace or Bracelet

I'm starting to post some of the new pieces with silk and pearls in my Etsy shop--I can't get over the colors I came up with and I still have nearly a dozen to post yet! These are just so much fun because they are so versatile. I also love how soft they are where the crocheted silk chain rests on the neck or is clustered around the wrist. You quickly forget you're even wearing them--so if you are into looking good AND being comfortable--give this little invention a try!


Narrative jewelry said...

The colours of your new necklaces/bracelets are just so lovely Karen. Especially the blue to wear with a white shirt and a jean. So elegant.
And yes, i vote for a video of Purrmeister playing with water. This little boy is so cute. Funny to see too red kitty drinking from the faucet.
Thanks for sharing a part of your life.


Emm said...

Awww, red kitty is so cute!! I love it when cats do that...

Marg said...

We love to play in the water too. Tabatha loves the faucet and Khaki plays in the water bowl with his paws. But when I try to take a picture,of course they immediately stop.
The colors in your jewelry are really nice. I like them a lot. Have a great week end.
Oh, and of course Purrmeister is as cute as ever.

Julie said...

The deep ivory is AMAZING. I'm not sure if my redhead complexion could pull it off, but I'm in love with it!

Love from the farm girl that bought the red pearls for her sister's Christmas wedding... (I plan to send you another picture...)


Ann said...

Cats can be so entertaining. That picture of Purrmeister napping is just too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Great photos of oh, so many pretty thngs...

Poetic Shutterbug said...

They do the cutest little things. Purrmeister is a hoot. I have always loved pearls so these new pieces are exquisite.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful...oh and the jewelry too...ah ha...the pic of Purrmeister is too precious and the necklaces/bracelets are really beautiful!!!!

Dorothy L said...

Wow...I love the colors of those pearls...absolutely stunning.

The first photo of the thirsty kitty is a unique capture :)

em.cecile said...

Loved reading everything! =]


RE Ausetkmt said...

KITTIES AND PEARLS KITTIES AND PEARL, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!
tooo cute.

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

haven't been by in awhile, and glad i stopped by to look at all your elegant pieces.....really stunning all of them and of course the cats are cute :)


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