Monday, February 1, 2010

New Work, New Info

Small Wrapped Hoops with Smokey Quartz and Pearl Colored Seed Beads

What an exciting weekend! I ran a couple of Etsy "Show cases" and got quite a few views--a nice surge of visitors to my shop--and finally, during the last while they were showing, got a few sales, too. Whew, you have to hope it really is "only the bad economy" when you try this hard to get shoppers to your store, when you get this much traffic, but the wallets remain in the purses or the pockets.

I say that because, like many artists I know, there's a serious streak of insecurity in me and so I also wonder "Hmmm, this many folks looking, no one buying--what's wrong with my work this month??" It's pretty normal to have these moments, actually. Since I've been in this art business for most of my life, it usually doesn't get me down for more than a few minutes and I'm back making more new things, or trying to figure out some new way to do things.

In fact, last night, I wrote and published my first email/newsletter in about 11 months (see, I promised I don't spam when folks signed up! I say I'll write 3 or 4 times a year, though, and hope to do a little bit better.) And in case you're curious, yes, there IS a special offer included in it...why don't you sign up and see???? I know, I know, getting a business Facebook page together would probably be a good idea...I just haven't figured it out yet.

I'm grateful for the few sales that did come through over the weekend, though, and for the inquiries about possible special orders. So the first couple of images here are newish/in fact, the earrings haven't been listed quite yet. I was fascinated with the green glass I used in the was so rustic and organic, it looked more like a stone than glass...beautiful color, too.

The bottom image here documents the "total views" I managed to get over one 24 hour period due to the "Etsy showcase" ads. Actually, I took this shot because in the Etsy forums, on a regular basis, the question comes up whether spending the $7 for a showcase is "worth it" or not (That's a 24 hour photo ad near the front page of the web site.) For me, it beats the pants off of any other means of at least getting folks to look at my shop--now whether or not any spending is taking place?? Well, that's another story!

But by hook or by crook I've managed to attract over of 1050 "hearts" for my Etsy shop now, which is kind of cool. (Etsy shoppers and artists know what I mean...sorry to bore any of you not following the Etsy stuff!) OK, back to work!! Have a great Tuesday, everyone!!


RE Ausetkmt said...

karen, i've made so many of those hoop earrings, I can make them while watching teevee now. all I do is make the forms, put them into the tumbler to clean, then start wrapping them after they come out. they're beautiful and fast. great job my girl. I'm experimenting with shapes now. working on some heartshaped hoops and lots more of those mothers day frames for the family necklaces. they finish them at the shop on order. the customer picks the stones they wrap them. makes it easy for me. ;)

Ann said...

I have to admit that I'm one of those people who are looking and keeping the wallet in my purse. I love checking out your stuff, one of these days I may break down and treat myself but for now the bills come first :)

CastoCreations said...

I haven't purchased a showcase in ages. I figure listing more often can keep me bumped up (if I was actually listing more often) and cost just as much. Plus, I don't really WANT a lot of sales right now. I'm overwhelmed with TWO. LOL :)


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