Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Equals Artwork

A few different examples of how the precipitation of the season is getting into the brains of artists, and possibly providing some inspiration.


A new treasury posted last night that includes my work and the title and the theme is "Winter Whites." The curator is Linda of LDPhotography and her Etsy shop features an amazing mixture of both prints and objects made with her photographs. Definitely take a look!

So bear with me, dear readers, as I continue to urge you to click, visit and comment on the treasuries I mention here on the good old blog. I still have never been in a treasury that pops up on the Etsy front page (at least not that I'm aware of, and I suspect I would hear about it if it ever happens)...and so? Well, I just keep trying, of course!

Rainbow Moonstones on a Special Chain

Rainbow Moonstones on a Special Chain

Moonstone Teardrops on a Special Chain

But why wait for the Etsy front page when I have my very own front page right here!! So I'll add a bit to the Winter Equals Artwork theme with a couple of recent pieces I've posted that are probably about as wintery as I make them! The featured semi-precious stones, in both cases, are "rainbow moonstones" which don't just sit there being nice and white, but refract light throwing off flashes the color of rainbows when the light hits them just right (kind of like fresh snow in the bright sun.) Both examples here are a part of my ongoing "Special Chain" series and both are listed in my Etsy shop, bringing the current total of pieces in this new series to 14....and a few more are in progress on the bench right now--can we say obsessed?


Regina said...

I LOVE your pieces...the moonstones are beautiful!!!


Ann said...

I'm really liking these latest pieces of yours. That special chain is just awesome.

askcherlock said...

I do like the concept of Winter Inspirations. There really is much beauty in this season, despite the cold temperatures. Beautiful images!


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