Monday, January 18, 2010

Uh oh, Kinda' Swamped Again

...and it's all good! It just doesn't leave a lot of extra time when there are deadlines and obligations, but I do my best not to neglect at least a note or two here, even if the dropping and visiting gets a little short changed. Well, as they say, everything in its time.

And I hope I can find a bit of time to capture some of the amazing icy images I've been waking up to around here. Ice fog is what they are calling it and this frozen moisture gets deposited on every twig, every surface.

Meanwhile, just a quick picture of Purrmeister who is bound and determined to get into anything/everything I'm doing. This is the edge of my photo area and I'm pretty darn sure he won't be able to just sit on the window sill for too much longer.

And then, after a strange photo of Mariah yesterday, a more normal one today.....Have a good Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Great photo of the purr kitty - they are so adorable at that age...which of course is a survival thing - kittens get into such mischief if they weren't adorable we would strangle them - not really but you know what I mean.

The Accessory Lady said...

So cute! Beautiful kitties! :-)

threadsofmagique said...

Love the expression on Purrmeister's face! You just know he's thinking of some new mischief.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Love the kitties! I want to see some ice fog photos! Sounds like my brain in the morning before coffee. :)

Sandee said...

Kitty photographs are just the best aren't they. Especially when they are yours.

Enjoy your day and I hope you thaw out soon. :)

Ann said...

What a cutie pie that purrmeister is.

Lin said...

Aw, the kitties are so cute! How is Mariah feeling now?


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