Thursday, January 7, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Deciding what my focus is today is not easy. Intense weather, cat antics and new work all vie for my attention so I'll offer a smattering of all of these topics.

If you've ever peeked at my online shops, you may have noticed that I usually offer a few pendant style pieces that are at least a little bit unusual. My new design is tentatively called "A Thousand Flowers Plus One." Millefiori is, first, Italian for "a thousand flowers," but is also the name of a specialized glass that, up close, has tiny flower patterns in it. Two versions of this design will be available-one primarily navy and white and the other multi-color. The "Plus One" is a flower stamped charm of Thai silver that was captured in the sterling hanging loops I made to hold the glass focal point.

I created custom "chains" to coordinate and highlight these focal points with lots of tiny Czech glass beads braided into tough Irish linen, getting an effect similar to a sort of grosgrain ribbon, but so much more durable and interesting. Taken together, the effect is bright and fresh...and how Continental: Italy, Czech Republic and Ireland plus Thailand all in an American artisan made piece. What a wonderful world we live in!

The weather continues to be so intense. On top of all that earlier ice, snow has been falling now for over a day and a half, and if predictions are true, the winds will soon pick up again and the temperatures will drop further, making winter life all that much more interesting. Dakota is OK with snow and winter, to a point....she's been taking it in small doses as it's much too brutal to let her spend any amount of time outdoors! And honestly, I have been a total wuss, barely slipping out to take care of garbage and errands every few days, but otherwise, yep, I'm still mostly hunkered down here in the studio! Lucky me!

And finally, Purrmeister loves boxes, as is typical of many cats. Since Mariah took over his fabric cube as her new preferred hiding place....PM decided a box of paper to be recycled would be his newest nest.


Anonymous said...

Purrmeister looks so cute...I'm sure he likes his new napping place.

I love the pictures of snow...don't kill me, but I live in Southern California, so I won't even tell you about our weather

Marg said...

Your jewelry is just lovely. Our mom just doesn't wear a lot of jewelry.But it is very pretty.
And that PM is just the cutest kitty we have seen in a long time. Looks like she is very comfortable in that wonderful box full of tissues.

Anonymous said...

I like the blue and white better than the multi-color - odd for me since I like bright. Did you make the pendants? I should think that would be incredibly difficult to do...

Sandee said...

Those are some cold looking pictures. Wow, I can't imagine living in snow country. Can't.

Stay hunkered down in your studio. That's where I would be too.

Have a terrific, warm day. :)

Ann said...

From your description your pendants sound like there is tons of work involved.

We also are expecting more snow here, I wish I could go into hibernation for the winter.


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