Monday, November 23, 2009

New Work from WillOaks Studio - Bracelets

Green apatite, bronzite, pearls and glass on leather

Labradorite, faceted obsidian and heavy gauge sterling silver

Leather, black obsidian, sterling silver, silk, black agate

This kitty naming thing isn't quite as easy as I had imagined! There were a LOT of great ideas and I'm very into one of them...which is to hang out with Mr. No Name here to see what might "fit" and what he might respond to. He's learned my voice already (except for "NO!" ha ha!)

I go 'over the river and through the woods' Wednesday morning for a few days of "the family thang" and for me, this will involve going up to Cadillac, Michigan this year. Lots of siblings so the holidays are a movable feast, depending on several factors.

Problem is, I've got tons of new work finally photographed so the challenge is 'how much I can get listed before I run out of time' with an Internet connection? We'll see! But I'm really happy with many of my newest photos, so will post a few over the next few days, just for your "viewing pleasure!"

Whether or not these link immediately to new listings is an open question....but in due time, they all will.

Thanks again for all the great names and ideas for the new kitten. He's going to Michigan with me because he's not accepted by the two adults here yet, and I can't just leave him with only a few minutes per day visit by my neighbor. We've still got one more day to get things organized!


Narrative jewelry said...

Love them all, beautiful colors for the first one, love the others of course, with labradorite and obsidian, and always the idea to put leather with beads.


Anna said...

Beautiful bracelets!
Have a good trip to Michigan with little Mr. No-Name-Fur-Ball!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Safe travels. I'm sure He Who Has NO Name will be a big hit with everyone! Beautiful bracelets, too. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Sam said...

Enjoy your trip and have a safe one. Happy Thankgiving Day!

randomcreative said...

I love the first bracelet! So unique.

Have a good trip and Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck traveling with your little one. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a very safe trip and a lovely holiday with your family

Ann said...

love the leather, very cool.
enjoy your holiday and visit with family

askcherlock said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lin said...

Have a good trip! Have kitten, will travel. :) hee! hee!

Hot Rocks said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! Love your new bracelets, especially how you photographed them. Here is a kitty name suggestion....Cadillac!


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