Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Ad Box Designs

I interrupt my regularly scheduled foliage tour to bring you this special announcement:

Readers here have seen this before--I go on a tear with trying new ad box designs when I get antsy with the one I'm using. In a funny way, my art school training is showing here. The assignment: how many different designs can you invent to fit the "XYZ parameter"?

This grouping includes the ones that are a little better than the rest. I'm glad I've laid it out like this, because I'm seeing that trying again with photos of more colorful pieces would be a good experiment, too. Heaven knows, the "ad box noise" between EC, Project Wonderful, Adgitize, CMF, etc. etc. is loud enough--just look at the sides of any blog!

And as I mentioned in my earlier Winter hint post, the icy crystals are prevalent here, for sure! By the way, these ads are being designed to eventually link to my Etsy and Artfire shops. I put the red one in play already as a new Adgitize ad before their rates go up on November 1.

More autumn foliage will come over the weekend!


Dorothy said...

This is fascinating and you are so talented.

Dorothy from grammology

Anna said...

Hi Karen,
If you are asking for a vote from your well-informed and also art-school-educated blog-visiters and cheering crowd, I would go for the red drop earrings. Maybe they are not the most representative for your usual style/colour-choice, but they are eye-catching. They are lovely. But that may be just me. I love red.
You make wonderful jewellery; you have a great blog and a lovely etsy shop. Don't worry. You are doing fine!
Best wishes
Christina Wigren (Anna)

Hot Rocks said...

All of the pictures are great, but the red ones really seem to pop!

WillOaks Studio said...

Hey thanks so much for the feedback and for the comments! I DID choose the Red Ones for new ads I first posted with Adgitize, and today began to use with PW....we'll see how it goes!!

Maggie said...

Your jewelry and the photos you take of the pieces are really fabulous.

Sandee said...

I love the red earrings the very best. Really catches the eye.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

askcherlock said...

Hmmm, maybe with the holidays coming, the red earrings would be especially good. You have such an artistic eye that no matter what you select, it will be grand.

Ann said...

You are a true artist. Your photographs, jewelry and even your ad boxes. I always love what I see here.

Split Rock Ranch said...

I'm going to vote with the majority - my favorite is the red one, too! I like the one just below it second best.

Anonymous said...

Definitely black and white with a splash of color


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