Monday, September 21, 2009

Prizes, Shops, New Pieces

How about trying for a freebie? A prize or two? The "I Heart Handmade" show is really the place to try for pretty cool, handmade beauties donated by artists whose shops are included. Through Friday, 9-26, enter to win this pair of earrings and bag, and it's really easy to enter. Click the photo to get more details. New give-aways will be listed weekly and possibly more often--stay tuned!
And while you're visiting, take a look at this lovely group of shops that you will find represented at the new show. This is less than half of them--there's a lot to see! Click on this photo to go to the front page of the I Heart Handmade show, where you'll find links to the different artists. I'll be showing and highlighting more but didn't want to overwhelm you all at once!

Finally, I got so busy with floors and other info I didn't mention that I've completed and posted a number of my own new neck pieces for Fall during the past few days. I chose this one to talk about first. It features the soft, misty colors of the ocean side with mixed shades of aqua (or seafoam.) Freshwater pearls mixed with Aquamarine are used to frame an amazing focal point of "ocean jasper" with natural colors and markings that look as lovely as a watercolor painting...done by Mother Nature herself!

This necklace is long--nearly 50"--and can be used three different ways--hanging very long; worn doubled; or tripled as shown in the photo (I love chokers...but really, it's the outfit and the neckline that help me decide what necklace is best on a given day.)

Mention my blog if you purchase this necklace, and I'll add a pair of coordinated earrings for free--for pierced ears, but could be adapted for clip-ons.

More on my new floor's almost finished!


RE Ausetkmt said...

"ooooooooooo,,," shopping due.

Ann said...

beautiful necklace. I was going to clean today but now that you've pointed me in the direction of some shopping sites who knows if I'll get anything

Keiara Wells said...

I love your jewellery.. but this Seafoam necklace has to be my favourite. It's absolutely stunning! xox

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Of course I will definitely go have a look see. Your work is always very lovely.

If I were to order something is it possible to have anything altered? My oldest daughter, the professor and only one who dresses formal in this family everyday, has a problem with almost necklaces due to a above average thick neck.

Is it possible to get any of your work with an extended chain length? I do need to do some Christmas shopping.

My email is

Please either email me or just pop back over and let me know.

I also have another question and it is related to my post which you visited.

I do know it is rather confusing this week. But, did you read Picassa's and Google's new terms closely before agreeing?

At the very end of the agreement they reserve the right to use any of your work, in any manner they choose, without digression.

It's tantamount to you giving them a license and free will to do anything they please, including make a profit from any of your work uploading via Picassa.

Therefore, I have switched my photos back to photobucket until I have a little time to think on this one.

Your input on this would be most helpful. You are very savvy and a wonderful artist.

I appreciate your feedback this morning. I am pleased you liked the hummingbird shots but I do know that post is very complicated to navigate.

f you find the time I really would appreciate your view relating to Google's new terms.

I promise not to disclose your email and not to violate it. so please do email me with your opinions, if you can find the time!


Now I am off to have a looks see through your beautiful gallery!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Ah, I just read where this particular piece has a very long length.

It is very stunning and much like the jewelery my daughter wears.

I am on my way. I hope I don;t get lost as Etsy is new to me!

Good luck with this and your sales. You do have some of the loveliest jewelry I have found!!

I hope you have a great day!!

Split Rock Ranch said...

The necklace is beautiful - such soft greens and very versatile!

graaam said...

I love your jewellery.. but this Seafoam necklace has to be my favourite. It's absolutely stunning! xox

Amy Lilley Designs said...

I'm so busy getting ready for a show on Saturday in Providence, that anything outside of my narrow road right now is off the pale shade of the new necklace..:)))

Anonymous said...

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