Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some Fun Odds and Ends

A few unrelated things that need a little attention.

My niece, Claire (performer, musician, songwriter), who I introduced via her song "Quit You" last week, headlined at Martyr's nightclub in Chicago over the weekend. That's impressive on it's own. But she was also written up in TWO (!!) publications last Friday, including the Chicago Tribune! If you're curious, I'm posting the links about her here:

Chicago Tribune Entertainment Section, Music Section

Next, my final Clematis, called "Sweet Autumn Clematis," has just begun to bloom! This version is very different from the earlier vines I've posted here, and not everyone is familiar with it. It can get huge--I've heard it can cover the side of small barns!! I've confined ours, so far, to a free-standing structure in the center of what I call our "Welcome" planting at the entrance to the campground. I'll post more pictures as more blooms open and as it reaches its' full glory. But sweet definitely describes the wonderful perfume these blossoms exude! And the bees just love this plant.

Finally, last but not least, I was given not one, but 2 blog awards during the past week!!
Icy BC of Reach Beyond Limits has passed both the French (I love your blog) and the I Love Lucy (You Cheer Me Up) awards to me, and the rules are:

* Copy the award image above.
* Pass it to the bloggers whom you think are deserving for these awards.
* Leave a message for them.
* Pass as many as you want.
* Leave a comment for the person who gave you this award.

It's practically impossible to just pick a few blogs as I try to check in on quite a lot of them on a regular basis, and really, there are so many good ones out there. So I thought it might be fun to mix it up with some you may know and a few that may be less well known to the EC readers, just in case I can turn anyone on to a new blog, thanks to this exercise:

Ponder and Stitch

Nfall2r * Design Studio

In Terms of Colour - Enroute with the Camera

Florence Wang Designs (I really recommend her needle point pieces--so cool!)

Created and Felted

Eyelet Sage Studio - The Designer's Blog


Blog Queen said...

she's a gorgeous girl. I know you guys must be very proud....tsk...tsk..if only I could sing...(excluding my shower solos)

CreatedandFelted said...

thanks so much for my First ever blog awards!!!!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Congratulations this is fantastic news.

Will you please forgive me if I come back later today and read these?

I haven't been to bed yet. I have been trying to to get caught up and thought I could make it.

But, I am literally falling asleep sitting here.

I'm going to get a few hours of shut eye and then I will be back!!


Lin said...

Okay, I'm going to check out the link. Beautiful girl!

My clematis is just ready to pop! I'm hoping it holds out for another week or so when I have my bonfire/party. It's all over the trellis that leads to the yard and I have lights strung in there for nighttime glow--I imagine it will be lovely! And the bees will be sleeping then. :)

Nancy said...

She's very good, I listened to her song. Very nice voice; very pretty girl and she played in Chicago, my neighborhood! Good luck to her future.

Florrigan said...

Such a great song! Thanks so much for the award, I'm honored! All the blogs you mentioned are amazing!

Crystal from KIZZ said...

Congrats to your niece! That is very excitign for her.
Beautiful Clematis. I have a similar one in my back yard..but its just a baby. I did not know there was this type...
And finally grats to you on your blog awards. I have not seen those awards before. They are really cool! Thanx for sharing the other blogs! Have a great day!
Crystal from KIZZ

Dori said...

Congratulations to your niece. That's great news!

And congrats to you on your blog awards! :)

randomcreative said...

Martyr's is a great club. How exciting! :)

Pricilla said...

Congratulations to your niece! How wonderful for her.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Congrats! to your niece. Writeups like that are fantastic.

askcherlock said...

She is beautiful and I love her song "Quit You." No wonder she got rave reviews! You must be very proud...

Shinade aka Jackie said...

She is truly so very very talented. I was so tired last night that I didn't even realize the link was to the video I had listened too.

The write up is quite impressive. They really did a in depth interview. I have a feeling it will only be a matter of a short period of time before we see her CD'S on sale on every shelf.

I do apologize for my hastily written comment last night. My last 4 or 5 days have almost been sleepless due to a multitude of technical problems.

Personally I love her voice and wish she already had a CD produced. I would buy it.

When my satellites release me from this slowed down period I am going to download her video and add it to my music collection.

I hope you had a good day and will have a terrific evening!!
Jackie...awake this time!!:-)

Keiara Wells said...

Oh wow, congratulations to Claire! How wonderful! xox

tollykit said...

Congratulations to your niece.

And congratulations to you on your blog awards. (dance)

ArtSnark said...

congrats to you & your niece :D

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

really enjoying your blog. I added a link to it from mine.......happy day to you.

Nancy said...

You're right about getting the necklace instead of the yarn or buttons. I sometimes forget to stop and buy something for me, and not to sell!!

WillOaks Studio said...

That's great news, Nancy--go for it!! And thanks to everyone for your comments here and please know I read each one and really appreciate the support AND the food for thought!! K

BeadedTail said...

Wonderful news about your niece! She has a beautiful voice so it's great things are happening for her!

Congratulations on your awards!


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