Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shades of Green

As you might expect, I just love green--be it trees, leaves, or wearable art pieces...and fortunately, there are a number of beautiful shades of green available in natural stones and minerals. I'm kind of picky about "artificial" greens...they just don't look right to me many times, and I tend to avoid dyed stones most of the time. But Peridot and Prehnite are a couple of stones that do offer very pleasing, natural shades of green.

In these two a bit more formal and one a bit more casual...greens take center stage. The richness of the slightly rustic faceted peridot rondelles is used in the simple design I featured earlier with apatite, keishi pearls, and smokey quartz. Sterling rings and chain put the peridot collection front and center, whether worn with a tank top or low neckline, or under an opened collar. These stones, strung on sterling plated beading cable, have some nice weight to them, which helps them hang correctly, but this design is very comfortable to wear.

The stone pendant, paired with leather and cold forged sterling silver, might be considered a little more casual, although I can imagine it with the right top as business attire, too. I fabricated a large head pin for this big stone and also forged the subtly heart shaped link to suspend it from. Knotted leather holds smaller prehnite nuggets set off with spacers of Thai silver.

I listed both of these in my Etsy shop this evening--after a crazy busy weekend here at the campground and a totally crashed laptop computer (that is being returned to HP next week, but that's another story....ugh, computer troubles!)


yoon see said...

Wow! These are gorgeous!
I love green & yellow stuff....
He...He..I put these in my wishlist:)

Beaderjojo said...

Beautiful necklaces! So eye catching. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. That first one is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful - that shade of green and the silver goes so well together.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

These are gorgeous and the details resemble the richness of nature within the stone. Very beautiful.


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