Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weeds-Plants Growing Where You Don't Want 'em

Beautiful Queen Anne's Lace--but it's EVERYWHERE!

Catnip in bud and bloom--being picked right now and dried for winter:
nectar for the bees, tea for me, intoxicant for my cats.

Red Clover--Great nitrogen fixer for land and the blossoms make a nice winter tea. But huge, really deep roots so when these land in the flower's a lot of work to get them OUT!

Mulberry trees, full of fruit and a treat for the birds...but seedlings show up EVERYWHERE.

And the "baddest" of them all--Canadian thistle. Serious nuisance and we work hard to control it...but when it goes to seed, the Gold Finches feast. Wicked thorns and...

...lovely blossoms until...

...they fade away to seed.


Icy BC said...

Aah, now I've just learn that the thistles flower on my blog ( are called Canadian thistles..and you are so right about their thorns..

Poetic Shutterbug said...

You know they are growing all over and even though they may be weeds they are beautiful :)


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