Friday, July 24, 2009

Oriental Lilies, Part One (enough nasty stuff for now)

I love this part of the "lily season" because the Asiatic late bloomers are still going strong, a wonderful hybid called "orienpets," seen in the top four photos here, is in it's glory, and the early Orientals are coming into bloom.

Orienpets are a cross between Chinese trumpet lilies and Oriental hybrid lilies. They are just beautiful forms and very sturdy flowers, but most have no fragrance.

The Orientals, on the other hand, should bloom well into August here, and many have a heavenly aroma, especially in the evenings. In fact, one stem in a room can send perfume wafting throughout the home! They are mostly in shades of white, pinks and rose, both plain and with some markings. Since their bloom time is just beginning, I am hoping to capture each different variety to share here over the next few weeks.


Sandy said...

They are beautiful. I have quite a few lillies blooming right now in my yard as well. If it weren't for these bad allergies I would be enjoying the aroma. I have a couple of very large white one, which I've forgotten the name of right now. The blooms this year seem much larger than last year, so heavy they're dropping over...that and the rain last night. Might need to tie them up a bit.

I'm here dropping traveling suitcase

but often post flower pics on my person blog, Sandy's Space. Love to have come visit. Welcome mats always rolled out in both locations.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

These are so beautiful and exotic in nature. The colors are extraordinary. I came across the Oriental trumpet lilies at my Botanical Gardens and I just fell in love with them. Your photos are fantastic - as always :)

PJ said...

remarkable pictures of beautiful flowers.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You post such fabulous photos. Thank you for sharing your gardens with us!


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