Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Bit of Catching Up & Post # 101

Busy as a bee! The campground is going full bore...& being a one (wo)man show out here, I try to snag small bits of time to pursue my more "creative endeavors" but it doesn't add up to very much right now. I've been pretty focused on getting away to shoot photos, especially as it's just a "riot" outside right now (and I love to share these here.) Summer blooms fade so fast and I hate to miss anything. So I've put off getting a few cool tidbits, announcements and acknowledgements posted here. And...this is my 101st post in this blog, which I began on the new year. Hooray! And thanks to everyone who stops by....

I must apologize for being slow about publicly thanking some fellow bloggers-Theresa's Treasures, Florence Wang Designs, Sweetwater Designs and SplitRock Ranch- for giving me a "One Lovely Blog" award now inserted in my little brag column to the right. I didn't pass it on. First, I was too swamped to respond and then, by the time I realized I had to DO something with it, most of the blogs I wanted to give it to already had one! And that's how it SHOULD be because the blogs--who offered this to me--ARE just lovely and I enjoy them a lot--Plus, I confess, I'm really (technically) slow with putting these kinds of lists and links together--I just haven't learned all the tricks yet.

Next, for any fellow Etsians, there's a very nice opportunity to get your shop "shown" at the very top of the blog "Cut Your Heart Out" by blogger Jessica Ocasio. She reviews "wickedly sweet accessories" and then features mini-shops from Etsy for one whole week at a time. Go take a peek, drop her a note with your Etsy number....and that's it, she'll schedule you in! She's very nice, too. Oh yes, and her blog is also Entrecard dropper friendly.

Another "showcase" opportunity some of my fellow jewelry artists may want to take a look at is the "Top 100 Jewelry Artists" listing, which you may access via the new button I put over to the right. Yes, I'm asking for your vote! After you click on this link, you click again to assure you weren't "tricked" into going there, in order to enter the site. THEN, scroll through an amazing collection of jewelry artists (and a little ways down the page, please click on MY link--can't miss it--it's the same as my Etsy shop banner.) If you are working in jewelry, and haven't added yourself to this list yet, well, there's no time like the present! The glass artist, Kandice, from ColorAddiction pulled this together, and although she's not using Entrecard anymore, do visit her lovely blog! Her lampwork beads are just amazing!


Lin said...

Yea for 101 posts!! That's quite the accomplishment besides the photos and jewelry and all!! Wow!!

tstreasures said...

I never mind if someone gets an award from me and doesn't pass it on. So long as you know that I passed it to you :)

Going to check out the links you have, sound like great sites.


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