Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm often amazed and inspired by stepping back a bit, from the garden, to see textures. The variety can be vast this time of year. And many of the perennials and shrubs are peaking with blooms and fresh foliage, so it's become a rich tapestry now on the summer solstice week.

Besides record breaking rain "events"--and amounts of rain--the conditions have become very warm and muggy. Although I suffer in these conditions, I remind myself it's similar to a green house so is fostering the lush growth that I do enjoy watching and photographing.

We lucked out, actually, when Friday, well over 2" of rain, mixed with small hail, fell in less than an hour. That was bad...but the 80 m.p.h. winds really did a number of power lines, trees and other vulnerable objects. It actually was as close as I've been to being in a hurricane, briefly. The rain fell sideways. The canoe was turned upright, then driven up a hill on the temporary river of water that was flowing downhill. Filling with rain for weight, it finally came to a stop but was yet another first, for me, in the "amazing weather events" department. Good news is, we didn't lose any trees this time around. Bad news is lots of repair work will be needed on our gravel roads.


tstreasures said...

You have a lovely garden! I hate the wind, I can take any weather except wind. We have been getting way too much of it here in Las Vegas which is not fun in the dirty desert.

Grampy said...

What a lovely garden. It is amazing how mother nature can make such a beautiful garden and rage through and destroy things. That is life. Grin and bear it.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

The textures are stunning and the garden is just lovely. Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

Wow, extreme weather! I usually ask permission before posting images from other's shops, but it was a last minute post, and I felt bad, but always link to the owner's shops of course. I just love your work, it has the most beautiful lines and delicate features...reminds me so much of the lovely treasures in your garden. I wish you much success, you deserve it!


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